Friday, May 9, 2014

Weekend Links

We put in grass last week and have been loving it. We can't quite play in it yet- the sod still has to "take" but in about a week or so it's on! So excited.

Happy weekend! Here are some things I've been bookmarking around the web this week:

From Jennifer Lawrence: "Nobody can stay beloved forever." Interesting read.

Yum: strawberry rhubarb crisp bars and vegan Mexican street corn.

This blanket! Love it.

A great article: The Tale of Two Schools.

And more about schools: 12 Awesome (Public) Schools.

What this woman learned about love from going to 30 weddings.

My friends at Mama Luna are doing a kickstarter and asked me to share it here- check it out.

Books I want to read: one, two, and three

And on the same topic, my friend Amy started a new Instagram page all about books.

The coolest (no pun intended) temporary tattoos.

Congratulations to my friend Emily on the launch of her new shop!

I always love Megan's Friday Favorites and Jen's Everyday Style posts.

Baby bump. Bump watch. Bump bump bump.

And on having another. Love this mama and her blog.

Loving: for Henry, for Charlie, and for me.

"Let 'em drool but still be cool." ha!

A great Mother's Day gift guide from the lovely ladies at Emma Mag.

On finding contentment in the rhythms of everyday life.

The sweetest little film.

Fascinating: A Gossip App Brought My High School to a Halt.

Etsy love: one, two, and three.

Have you checked out Elsie and Emma's new e-course? I'll be trying it out next week!

For the mamas.

A new blog for you to check out, written by my friend Carly.

And finally, read this. Especially the 10 bullet points at the end.



  1. Love the bonoui blog! And the Jennifer Lawrence article convinced me that she'll always be everybody's favorite.

  2. Thanks for sharing your heart.
    I would be honored if you would follow my journey
    with Huntington's disease

  3. Love the links! Thanks for sharing the Jennifer Lawrence interview...LOVE her. ♡

  4. Love the very last link! Such great points. Especially about not using your phone right when you wake up or up until you fall asleep.

    Thanks for sharing these Dani!
    x Sara from

  5. I will sure come back to check all the links.

  6. "m gave dome for six dollars."

    ok. this sentence made me laugh out loud, because i have a very untactful sense of humor. but wtf is dome? is that like giving head now? i'm only 29 and i have no clue what the current lingo is. i have never heard of giving dome. the gossip app article made me feel.....old. (and also fortunate that i'm not a teenage in 2014.

  7. The grass looks heavenly! so soft and plush! Enjoy!

    I really enjoyed that article on what the woman has learned from attending so many weddings. thanks for sharing!!

    If I am not back tomorrow, Happy Mother's Day, Dani!!!