Monday, May 5, 2014

Whiskey Row Marathon 2014


I've written about the Whiskey Row Marathon here before- my cousin ran it two years ago, and Hank ran the 10K last year- but I've never actually run it myself! The moment Hank crossed the finish line last year though, he said that he wanted to do the half marathon next time around. So this year, we did! The Barnas came up from Phoenix to run with us, and the guys ran the half while Shirley and I ran the 10K pushing the boys.

The half-marathon started at 8am, so the guys went off and did that, and Shirley and spent the next 20 minutes (the 10K started at 8:20) getting the kids ready- nursing, changing diapers, etc. I had to laugh for a minute because running together for us used to be simple- just strapping on our shoes and hitting the trail, but now there's quite a bit more planning involved with the addition of three kids between us. Ha! Both of us use BOB Revolutions to run though, and they make it easier. They're my favorite strollers- I used the single with Henry and now use the double for both boys. Super smooth ride and comfortable for little ones too.

So 8:20am arrived and we lined up in the back with the other stroller-pushing people, and off we went. I love that adrenaline rush before you start and when you finish something like this. I don't get that feeling often so it's a welcome sensation to actually get nervous about something- it totally takes me back to playing sports, and especially track, lining up in the blocks and waiting for the gun to sound. The Whiskey Row course is notoriously hilly- actually INSANELY hilly- and it was definitely rough at points pushing almost 100 pounds between the stroller and the two boys up those steep, steep inclines, but I did it, and it was so nice having one of my best friends doing it right alongside me. A "quick" 6.2 miles later we were done...already sore and in need of a huge lunch, nap, and massage...but done!

The whole day was awesome- our dear friend Mike actually won the entire marathon so that was super exciting. And Henry was SO excited to actually be in the race, and can't wait to do the Fun Run as soon as he's old enough. To me, that's priceless. I can tell them all day long, "moving your body is important," but having him see it in action and then seeing him feel inspired and excited...that's the best. Hank finished the half soon after we went through the finish line and the look on Henry's face watching his Daddy run through the end was absolutely amazing.

Here are some photos from the day-

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  1. that's awesome! i am doing my very first 10K in 3 weeks. I'm a bit nervous, but excited!!

  2. Great job! Looks like fun. 12 days until I run the Grand Canyon Half...!

  3. I am beyond amazed that you ran a marathon WHILE pushing children. Way to go! I definitely need to be working on my endurance.

  4. Congrats on the run! I ran a half this weekend, too! I have ran with a stroller before (only about 3 miles or so) and I gotta say, that was tough. Kudos to you for doing an entire 10K with the kiddos! Congrats again! :)

  5. This is amazing! My boyfriend is a runner and I most definitely am not. Still, I've been trying to incorporate running/jogging into my workout and on Saturday I did three miles, which for me is the most incredible thing ever. I'm always in awe of you crazy people who head out and actually run in marathons/races! Madness. Lovely, madness. :)

    The Rambling Fangirl

  6. Woohoo! Great job!! That hill looked STEEP hahaha I love that feeling of accomplishment when you finish something like that.

  7. Ahhhh this is so fun! My husband is a serious runner and I go back and forth (I always get aaaaalmost to the end of a training program and then wimp out and quit for months). I love the idea of sticking to it and having an active lifestyle, like this, be part of our lives. Love that you and your girl friend took the strollers/kids along for the ride.

  8. Wow! I'm very impressed you ran it with the double stroller. It looks like a beautiful spot to do it in, too.