Thursday, June 19, 2014

Charlie, 9 Months Old

Nine months! We're getting so, so close to his birthday and I can't even believe it. This little guy has been growing like a weed and making us all fall in love with him more and more every single day. His personality is the best- so sweet and funny, and one of the most smiley guys I know (I think I say that every month). This stage is so fun too because he's just starting to talk and show his preferences for things. He's eating a lot- still breastfeeding- but also really loving "real" food. He definitely likes fruits more than veggies, but has also been into shredded chicken and cheese. Yogurt is always a hit too, and he gets super excited about those little yogurt melts. Sleeping is going much better than it was. He's been teething so it's been hit or miss depending on how he's feeling, but when he's doing okay he'll sleep 6:30pm-5:30am, then take two naps during the day. I can't even explain how happy I feel that he's finally sleeping well at night- there was a point when I was starting to go crazy when he was waking 2-3x, but I'm so excited to say that he has sleeping through the night down.

This month Charlie:

loves to clap
has waved a couple of times
says mama, dada, and ball
has six teeth with two more still working their way down on top
cruises all around the couch and ottoman and is starting to want to stand unassisted
is a fast, fast crawler
his favorite toy is a ball- he loves rolling it back and forth
loves music and when Daddy plays his guitar
will "sing" along to music in the car
loves to squeal and scream, then laugh and smile
berries and mangoes are his favorite food
drinks water out of a sippy cup

Charlie, it's been so neat watching you become so much more mobile and communicative with us. Just the other day Henry said "it's so fun that Charlie can PLAY with me now!" and it really is- you guys are able to "talk" and play, and it's so neat to watch. It's funny, earlier this week we had to have a talk with Henry and ask him not to go in your room first thing in the morning to wake you up! He just can't wait to see you. You are so loved, and it's really fun to know this is just the beginning of lots and lots of great times to come.

Happy 9 months, Charlie!


  1. Aw he is adorable! Also, I love the picture before the last where he looks like he's taking a selfie haha! xx

  2. He is so cute! He looks JUST like his brother!

  3. 9 months is a good age! You may appreciate this "body after baby - shit they don't tell you."

  4. Oh my goodness, he looks sooo much like Henry now! :)

  5. He is SO CUTE! It's amazing watching him now have so many expressions and a personality!

    I hope you guys are having a great vacation!
    x Sara from

  6. How stinking cute is he! I found your blog through Instagram. In love. Also, I am in love with that fluffy rug. And those yellow shorts. You're doing a lot right, ma'am.

    My 21-month old just got back to sleeping through the night after a few weeks of 3-4 wakeups a night when my husband left to go overseas for work. Going crazy doesn't begin to cover it. No wonder sleep deprivation is used for torture. Oy.

  7. Wow, he is looking so much like Henry! Happy 9 months!

  8. Charlie has the most beautiful eyes. Getting so big! Can't believe it.