Monday, June 16, 2014

Hello, California!

Mission Beach, San Diego, Everybody in the Water!
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This week we're spending some time on the West Coast, soaking up some beach time and sunshine. I've always enjoyed California but I've never been in this area with a lot of time to explore, so if you have any recommendations for fun family-oriented things to do/places to eat in and around Mission and Pacific Beaches, we would love it!


  1. Enjoy your visit here! If you're a fan of BBQ you should check out Phil's BBQ. It's a must-go in the San Diego area.

    Take a quick drive to Balboa Park. It's a beautiful place to have a picnic and a stroll around the many awesome museums in the area. It's a blog-worthy place to visit!

  2. West Coast, best coast! I loved the time I spent in California in March :) Have a great time x

  3. I'm a native San Diegan! Feel free to email me if you have any questions.

    If you have a car Balboa Park is a must. The Zoo is amazing and not too expensive (I might have a few discount/free tickets if you want to contact me ( thisautumnstar at g m a i l) maybe I can drop them off for you?). Hotel Del Coronado is worth a look, maybe to walk around and get ice cream or something.. Also, the Fair is in town ( ) and that is always fun. It's about 20 minute drive from PB.

    Have a great time!

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  5. I am from Cali and was just there for vacation. it all depends on which part of Cali your going to be in. (I'm from San Diego) If near Diego definitely check out the Kid Museum downtown, Balboa park, Belmont park (Mission Beach they have an ice cream place this is amazing!!) The san Diego Zoo, Seaworld, and splash parks. are fun too. Old town is a fun visit as well just don't let anyone trick you into getting those nasty jelly beans (little cousin and kids love to play bamboozled) If you have time, check out Irvine spectrum center near LA. OH! and before I forget the Del Mar Fair is going on right now until the 4th of july so that is a great spot to hit up for a fun day with the kids.

    Have fun! I cannot wait to see the pictures you post :)

  6. I work in Mission Beach! Check out Belmont park and the parks nearby overlooking the water its really nice!

  7. We love the Carnitas Shack ..."our line is our sign"

  8. I live in PB... Welcome! Best restaurants in PB/MB or within a 5 minute drive :)...

    Cafe 976
    The Mission
    Cafe by the Bay (best acai bowls)
    Filippi's Pizza Grotto
    Lanna Thai
    Cafe Athena
    PB Fish Shop
    The Baked Bear (for dessert, customized ice cream cookie sandwiches)
    Ranchos (in OB)
    Pizza Port (in OB)
    Su Casa (in Bird Rock)

    Now I'm hungry. Enjoy! :)

  9. I should specify those are all kid-friendly options. If you have the opportunity for a date night try The Patio on Lamont St, Costa Brava or Isabel's Cantina.

  10. I would highly suggest checking out Ocean Beach! Its just next to Mission Beach and PB (short bike ride or car ride away) and it has a much more funky old school beach vibe. Lots of fun antique shops, hippie type stores and beach front restaurants. My favorite are Hodads Burgers, Wonderland (amazing ocean views) and Ortega's for authentic Mexican. You can also walk out on the 1/2 mile long pier to check out the fishermen and surfers or play in the tide pools along Sunset Cliffs walk. I lived in OB for 7 years, its truly one of a kind beach town!