Saturday, June 7, 2014

Weekend Links

 some of Hank's birthday donuts from last week - yum!

Happy Friday, friends! I am coming out of a little blog break and so excited to get back to it. I think sometimes all you need is some time away to re-energize and refocus. It was nice to be away from the computer for the past week or so but I miss it terribly, and I'm looking forward to restarting Journal Day tomorrow and starting the week off with my Palm Springs post. But first, here are some links. Enjoy!

Do female-named hurricanes need to lean in? Ha!

11 ways Maya Angelou taught us to be better women.

Wishlist, dress edition: one, two, and three.

Strawberries for dinner sound pretty perfect.

How Instagram became the best crisis PR.

How "fat talk" became a social epidemic.

Love this Farmer's Market review on Megan's blog.

Interesting: Taylor Swift, Girl-on-Girl Crimestopper.

Tim Riggins forever.

Such a good read. “Although my training tells me not to overuse exclamation points because they are shouty and juvenile, I find myself using them because I fear being seen as unfriendly or insincere if I only use a period.”

Etsy love: one, two, and three.

This was a fascinating read: Why I Miss Being a Born-Again Christian.

What's lost as handwriting fades...

And finally, if these links weren't enough, head over to Diana's blog and check out her Friday Favorites.



  1. Yum! That pink one looks amazing right now : )

  2. The exclamation blog is on point!!!

  3. Yay! I'm super stocked about having journal day again! Thanks so much for continuing it! :)

  4. I love your link-love posts. You should have them every week, great infos and products and articles.

    Kati from black.white.vivid.

  5. Love the links, especially the ones about Taylor Swift and also about handwriting. I think in some cases we really need to turn back to more old-fashioned ways. Technology is taking over!

  6. oh man, those donuts look YUMMY!

    It is nice to take a blogging break. Heck, I was gone for about a year and a half. The rebuilding part is never any fun, but, I am happy to be back at it!

    Hope you have a great week :)

    Looking forward to linking up again with you soon, Dani!

  7. That article about handwriting was really interesting. I wish my cursive was better, I can barely remember how to form letters sometimes as I rarely use it but it's still crazy that my kids probably won't even be taught cursive. Important life skills!

  8. TAYLOR KITSCH love of my life! I read that article before too and it was so great. I love him so so much haha I need an FNL rewatch immediately. ALSO, that movie The Normal Heart was soo good and I cried for almost all of it.

  9. oh Tim Riggins forever indeed. I love that man. haha

  10. I want one of those donuts. (=