Sunday, June 29, 2014

Weekend Links

Before I get to the links, I wanted to share something neat that I participated in last week. The Vision Council had a webinar entitled UV Safety for Young Eyes that I had the opportunity to attend, and it was eye-opening (haha) for me, as far as UV protection and children. I religiously slather on the sunscreen for my entire family, but I don't always stop to think about protecting their eyes. I never really thought too much about it, but after reading the literature and watching the presentation I felt like I wanted to share it with all of you. For more info, check out this link. It's all very interesting, and like I said, made me look at sun protection a lot differently, and I'm glad to help spread the word. They also sent me an awesome pair of Michael Stars sunglasses to go along with the theme of protecting our eyes, and I'm in love!

And now, some links --

An interesting read: Cool at 13, Adrift at 23.

What's the point of anything?

Hip hip, hooray! Judy Blume is finally writing a new book.

Moms, put on that swimsuit!

These photos are amazing.

Etsy love: this wolf trophy head, this print, and this teething ring.

The best burritos in San Diego, ranked by San Diego surfers.

Snacks of great writers. Love this.

The best tweet ever.

These photos are beautiful! I need to find myself a canoe, stat.

Casual Fridays are my favorite.

Wishlist: this book, this bag, this clutch, and this top.

Fascinating: What Babies Think.

Some of my favorite actors and scored by the wonderful Jenny Lewis- I can't wait to see this movie!

20 things I've learned about being a grown up, via Tracy's blog.

Overheard at my funeral...

Why anesthesia is one of the greatest medical mysteries of our time. Interesting stuff.

Have you been waiting to hear the unauthorized story of Saved By The Bell? On Lifetime?'s your lucky day.

So good- "Everything I Fucked Up While Trying to Eat Like Gwenyth for a Week."

And finally, a post about kids and the summertime. A good read.



  1. Hi Dani! These are awesome!

    Would you be able to have the links open in a new tab?? It makes it difficult to click on a link and be re-directed away from your site. If it's possible, that would be great! :)

  2. I loved reading the post about trying the Gwenyth diet for a week. So funny.

  3. I'm excited to watch the TED talk video tomorrow about babies and what they think - thanks for sharing! Also, loving Jen's anniversary pics too - so gorgeous!

  4. Great links but that book is a thumbs down for me!

  5. I have just had a baby and am totally curious about how the world looks to her, so thanks for that Ted talk! Also, there is an excellent Radiolab podcast about anaesthesia that is super interesting, I would definitely recommend it! (If you aren't familiar with Radiolab, I would just recommend it generally anyway). xoxo

  6. love the 'whats the point' article! thanks for sharing :)
    xo, cheyenne

  7. Thank you so much for sharing the link to my watermelon painting! Have a wonderful week :)

  8. I work for an optometrist and feel so great every time I see a parent putting their kids in sunglasses! Thank you so much for passing along this crucial information about the importance of protecting our delicate eyeballs!! :D