Monday, July 7, 2014

Charlie, 10 Months Old

Ten months has been such a big month development-wise. I'd say the biggest thing is how much talking Charlie has been doing! His first official word was "mama," but since then he's been saying all sorts of things- up, night-night, hi, bye-bye, more, Dada, doggie, ball, and waving and clapping a lot. It's been so neat to say something and have him repeat it, one of the funniest things he's said a few times is "Batman." He obviously doesn't know what it means but he has it down pretty well!

This month has been so great. Like I've said in earlier posts it took us awhile to get into our nighttime sleeping groove but now that he's got it I am the one who needs to focus on getting some sleep! I stay up way too late most nights and even though he's sleeping 12 hours, I'm not taking advantage of it at all! So I've been working on that. I'll share his current schedule below too- and I should also add that we adhere to it whenever we're at home, and if we're traveling I still stick to the same time for naps, whether it's in a pack 'n play or on me in the Ergo if we're out and about.

6am- wakeup and nurse
7am- eat breakfast, usually oatmeal and mashed up fruit
8:30am- nurse and take his morning nap
10:30am- wake up from nap, nurse
12pm- lunch, lately we've been doing veggies and then some sort of protein like meat, cheese or beans
1pm- nurse and take his afternoon nap
3pm- wake up from nap, nurse
5pm- dinner, same kind of food we give him for lunch
6pm- bath
6:30pm- nurse and sleep

Henry slept the same amount at this age and I remember thinking it seemed SO weird that he was sleeping so much, but Charlie is the same way so I feel a little better about it. ;) The naps are crucial for his happiness though, and it's such a testament to how much he likes having this schedule that even if we are out grocery shopping or driving during his normal nap time he will fall right asleep, on the dot. Babies are such creatures of habit- I'm really curious to see if our future kids are the same way, because so far Henry and Charlie have been identical in this sense. It's also really funny to me to think back just a couple months when I felt like I was dying from sleep deprivation when he was waking up so much during the night. And then just when I felt like I couldn't take another up and down night, he starts sleeping through it. Thank you universe!

Nursing-wise he is still going strong. At this point Henry was down to just three feedings but even though some days I do feel like Charlie is slowing down a bit, the next day he'll be back at it. He does only eat before/after sleeping though, and if I don't nurse him when he wakes up he doesn't get upset. Henry actually weaned himself at 12 months and although I can't imagine Charlie will be ready then, it does seem like somewhere around then it could happen. We'll see!

This month Charlie:

is about to walk any day
cruises quickly around the couch and furniture
is starting to stand up without holding onto anything for longer and longer periods of time
very vocal- loves to repeat sounds and words
his favorite toy is still a ball
loves Madeline
Henry is his best buddy
raises arms when we say "up!"
loves to read and point to pictures
has six teeth with those slow-moving seventh and eighth finally making their way down on top
loves to "dance" aka bounce up and down
is just starting to really move quickly in his walker
is all about shredded cheese!
yells "Dada" until Hank comes into the room
will hug and kiss his stuffed animals/us

Charlie's birthday is August 16th so I'm playing catch up a bit- I'll be posting his 11 month update in a couple of weeks but even so, I really can't believe that we're already about to reach the one year mark.

Happy 10 months, Charlie babe!

Charlie's adorable romper was gifted from Little Hip Squeaks
Chambray shoes from Baby Gap


  1. Hi Danielle! My 5 month old has a very similar schedule to your darling Charlie's. I was curious how you handle the early bedtime when you guys go out in the evening. How does he do when a later bedtime is needed (dinner plans, over at friends', etc.)? Thanks so much!

    1. Hi Kristen!

      When we are out in the evening I just push it if need be, and put him down when we get home, but when out I will usually wear him in the Ergo and he'll go to sleep right on me. :) Same thing for naps when we are out and about. The Ergo has been a lifesaver!


    2. Thanks so much! :)

  2. Thanks for nice memorandum of a 10 months old child. it is really thrilling.I appreciate your writing because you described really well. Thanks for sharing such an informative post.

  3. His routine basically sounds like my dream day of eating and napping ;) He is such a handsome little one :)

  4. Gorgeous photos, I love all his stripes. I cannot believe you wake up at 6am every day! But how wonderful he takes 2 naps a day and goes to bed so early. My daughter stopped napping at about 4 months old and refuses to go to bed at any time other than 9pm and then wakes up at 8am. So, although you wake up at 6am, I am jealous haha Happy 10 months!

    1. Girl I know..I think the grass is always greener. I would LOVE to sleep in but that has never happened with either child.

  5. My kid is so out of whack, development-wise, that it's impossible for me to judge another child's age. He has measured at least 6 months ahead on the growth charts since he was 6 months old, so I think other almost two-year olds are babies. And then I see that Charlie is chatting it up at 10 months and it's blowing my mind, because August has a speech delay and it is just unfathomable to me for there to be words at that age. We just started getting those beginning words consistently around 16-18 months. He's exploding now, so it's so neat to hear his voice and get an idea of what he wants and needs from the source itself.

    1. Kids are so interesting in how different they are. In Henry's group of friends who are all the same age, they couldn't be more different. It's pretty amazing. And I'm so excited for you that he's exploding right now- isn't it awesome? Hugs, mama! <3

  6. My baby is about a month younger than Charlie, and I love to read your updates! It's a window into our developmental future. She's crawling and cruising and eating tons of food, nursing before and after naps and bedtime, and says BAbabababaBABA!BABABA! Our cat is her best friend and the highlight of her day. :)

    1. Hi Missi! Oh I love that- so sweet! It sounds like our little ones are pretty similar! :)

  7. His smile is seriously the cutest! And oh to have built in nap times again!

    x Sara from

    1. Hi Sara! So sweet to see a comment from you! :) Thank you! And yes...I would love built in naptimes too! haha.

  8. I love reading his updates - he is such a little cutie! I'm 16 weeks pregnant with number four, and so excited to have a bubba again!

  9. Good evening from Europe! I follow you on Instagram and love your feed! I have a baby boy who is 11 months and his birthday is August 29th :) Some months ago I was also thinking I would die from sleep deprivation but now he only wakes up once. The only thing that makes me feel anxious is that I nurse him to sleep and what will I do if he stops nursing? :) Naps seem imposible without nursing. The stroller and the Ergo are ok if we are out but at home... Do you nurse Charlie to sleep? Does he fall asleep while nursing? Any tips for the transition (nursing sleep to not nursing sleep)? Besos!