Monday, July 7, 2014

Journal Day Prompt #14

Here's this week's prompt:

Think about the plans you had for your adult self when you were younger- would you say they match up to your reality today? What did you wish for your future when you were a child? Did you have a plan? And would you say you've followed that plan in any way? This week, look at the life you hoped to have (even if you consider your childhood "dreams" silly now) and see how your current life compares.

I share my answer this next Monday evening, 7/14, and that's when I'll ask you to post a link back to your post too.

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  1. When I started reading your blog, these prompts got me so excited because I need something to get me out of my usual pattern. Can't wait to sit down and knock this one out!

  2. Ohhh.... I may just have to participate this week! Good one :)

  3. What a great prompt - I might have to join in on this! I'm also going to have to check out the previous prompts too.

  4. Hi, I really liked this prompt and wrote my response here: