Thursday, July 31, 2014

Wanderlust Wishlist

The other day I was looking through my "Travel" folder on Pinterest and thinking about all of the places in the world I would love to go someday. Hank and I have a list going that we've added to throughout the years, and we've very slowly been checking off places. And I say slowly because right now we're in the baby season of our lives and it can be hard to just get up and go! However we are firm believers that kids don't need to slow you down...they just might change your plans a bit. With that said, I thought I would share some of the place son our list- it's a LONG list, but here are the top places on our "someday" wishlist.

1. Japan

Have you ever been? I was so close to moving there after graduation to teach English as a second language but plans changed and I never went. It's always held a very special in my heart though, and I've wanted to go there for as long as I can remember. My Dad lived there for awhile when I was younger, and traveled there frequently. I can still remember how excited my sister and I would get whenever he returned home, a suitcase full of fun toys and Japanese candy. And luckily it's always been right at the top of Hank's list too. So Japan, we're coming for you! day.

2. Northern California

We've been to San Francisco a few times but I've never ventured north. Whenever I see pictures of the beautiful Redwood trees or the Northern California coast there's this ache in my chest- I just want to be there. A dream of mine is to pack my family into our camper and just drive up the coast, stopping along the way to admire all of the beautiful sites. I'd love to camp in Yosemite and wake up surrounded by those big, old trees, swim in the hot springs, and go to bed with the sound of the ocean crashing against those huge cliffs.

3. The South

Broad, I know, but I couldn't pick just one southern state if I tried. One of my dear friends lives in South Carolina and posts some beautiful photos of her city that always makes me want to see it in person. I love the history there, and I'd love to explore it more with my family. And then of course there's Louisiana, Tennessee, Alabama...the list goes on.

4. Greece

This is a given, right? Doesn't everyone want to see Greece once in their lifetime? We almost honeymooned here but instead decided to go to Moorea, a small island next to Tahiti. We had the best time on that trip, but sometimes I'll see a photo of beautiful Greece and feel a tiny little twinge of regret that we didn't go when we had the chance. It's just such a gorgeous place between the water and the countryside and the colorful towns.

5. Norway
This is another one of those places with that "WOW" factor. If you do a simple image search I'm sure you'll feel the same way I do- in total and complete awe! I've only known one person who has visited Norway and she said it was amazing (of course). This is another place high up on my travel wishlist that I daydream about often.

So how about you? Do you have one (or more!) places you just HAVE to see in your lifetime? Share below, if you'd like! I always love hearing what's on people's wishlists.


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  1. What a great list! I also believe that kids can travel and experience along with us. I don't have any kids yet, but my fiance and I plan to have them probably after a year of marriage. Everyone keeps saying to hold off so we can travel the world, but we don't have money to travel the world! We have a house to buy. We'll take our future hypothetical kids with us when we go. :)

    A friend of mine lived in Japan for two years teaching English! That's so intense because the culture is completely different than ours. Another pal of mine is from Norway and she visited me in New York and couldn't stop raving about it. I think I'm so lucky to live near a hot spot for tourism!

    But for me...hmm. I've been thinking about Morocco a lot lately. The colors and textures are so inspiring and there would be so many things to photograph. I would really love to hit up England, France, Spain, and Ireland. Italy is also a definite must because it's my fiance's favorite place in the universe. I would absolutely like to explore more of the U.S. too, because it's so darn beautiful.

    The Rambling Fangirl

  2. The redwoods are amazing! I ventured that way when I was in San Fran and loved it!

    Your pictures have made me long to travel now!

  3. My parents took us on the exact trip through Northern California you speak of in our old camper, and those are memories I will forever hold dear! Then my hubby and I road tripped up the coast from San Diego on our honeymoon. We only made it as far as Monterey that time, but vow to do the upper half of CA, and include Oregon, at some point. DO IT. It's every bit as magical as you think it will be!

    My top destinations right now (it's a rotating list) are Sweden (same WOW factor as Norway- those Instagram accounts kill me!), Morocco, and Turkey. I think Turkey is at the top, and we are going to go there for a second honeymoon in the next few years. Cheers to fun travel dreams!

  4. I was an exchange student to Norway my sophomore year in high school. It is an incredibly beautiful, wonderful country, home to some of the most kind people I've ever met!
    Add west Africa to your list--an amazingly interesting and diverse place. I left part if my heart in Podor, Senegal after living there for two years.
    I live in Mississippi-the South is a must see!

  5. We're planning on going to Norway... along with Iceland, the Netherlands and Belgium! Here in the US, my wishlist includes Nashville, New Orleans, and Mt. Rushmore. :)

  6. Beautiful choices! I haven't been to any of them, but Norway is high on my list. I actually applied to be on a Norwegian reality show last fall. It's about Americans of Norwegian heritage (which I largely am) experiencing the country for the first time. I wasn't picked, such a bummer. The photo of Japan is very inviting also!

  7. The redwoods are every bit as magical as you can imagine. I had been dreaming of going since kindergarten, when my teacher brought a photo album from her honeymoon to class, and I found it funny that I actually went for my honeymoon last summer.

    All of your locations are great!

  8. Been to Japan and N Ca. I live in S Ca so North ain't too exciting for me. Japan was AMAZING. absolutely beautiful in every way. The scenery, the people (so respectful), the cleanliness, everything! I long to go back. Sigh. One day...

  9. Japan tops my list. I would love to go there during spring to see the cherry blossoms. Would also love to visit Switzerland. My husband and I went to Norway on our honeymoon and stayed with relatives. I will return one day to see the northern lights!

  10. Greece is on my bucket list as well. am glad we have that in common

  11. Travelling to Japan was at the top of my list of goals, and I got to study abroad and live there during the summer of 2010! It's funny, lately I've been missing it quite a lot; even though the small town I stayed in was just that — small — it's the little things that from there that I miss most. The smell of fresh bread on my way to school in the morning, walking home by the ocean, the cable cars, and the side-alley tempura shops. Ahh, I want to go back!

  12. My husband is from Humboldt County up in the Redwoods. We've gone back several times to visit and it is incredible. We took the baby last year when he was just two months old and walked through the woods.... it was amazing. I'm so glad we did that. I can't wait to take him when he is a bit older and he can run around like his dad used to.

  13. Japan! That was actually crossed off my bucket list. My sister lived there for about five years (military) and I got to visit her twice. The most recent was in 2012, and we got to go to Tokyo.

    As someone mentioned above, it's intense due to the completely different culture. However, each time I came back home, I immediately wanted to go back again. There's so much more I want to see and experience there.

    My sister lives in San Diego now but I haven't had a chance to visit her yet. I was envious of you getting to vacation there.

  14. Come visit me in Charleston :)

  15. Northern California is on my place of places to LIVE someday! I feel in love with it when I used to visit my cousins who live in San Francisco. They'd always take me there.

    Norway is on my list as well! Along with all the national parks, Germany, Thailand. I'd love to visit someplace with a tundra ecosystem during the summer. Those are the top places on my list.

    x Sara from

  16. Noway is my list too! I'd love to experience the northern lights in one of Scandinavian countries.

  17. India was always number one and it didn't disappoint, in fact I want to go back again and see even more of it!
    Right now, the two places I would most love to see are Morocco and Nepal.
    Not a single country, but I would love to visit central Africa (Tanzania, Uganda, Malawi...) or make it a trip from Uganda to Capetown.
    Oh and Jordan! Petra must be breathtaking.
    And Russia, I daydream about the Trans-Siberian railway a lot!

    Basically I want to see everything.

    <3 Lisa
    The Appleberry

  18. I've lived in Sendai Japan and Northern California which are both amazing. Your pictures touch that wanderlust itch in my soul to always travel. I would love to visit Greece, Norway & Sweden, I hear the fiords are beautiful as well. Great photos!

  19. I've been to Japan, I use to live there. It's so gorgeous and so worth the trip!

  20. I would love to visit Japan, and travel through some other asian countries. India, China and Vietnam for instance. A trip to Africa wouldn't be bad either. Go on a safari and see savannah animals in their natural habitat.
    My boyfriend and I have thought about moving to America in the future, and of course we will have to go roadtripping around in the country.
    It is nice to see that people wants to visit Norway! I am a native norwegian myself, and I live in the classic fjord and mountain scenery, and the best thing in the world is to come home when I have been away. I highly recommend a visit!

  21. If you ever make it to Alabama, please come visit Florence! We're tucked in the northwest corner on the beautiful Tennessee River. There's a lovely historic downtown district and lots of nature trails and places to enjoy the outdoors. There's a rich musical history here as well and a few studios in town that are open to tours. If you get the chance and haven't seen it yet, I highly recommend watching the documentary "Muscle Shoals". It makes me so proud of my hometown.