Wednesday, August 6, 2014

When Your Husband Says...

When your husband says "Hey, do you want to take some photos of you and the boys on our walk tonight?" It's always a yes! And it's not like we don't take photos often- it's just something we've always done- but taking real photos with my real camera just makes me SO happy. I just love having a million little moments tucked away in a safe place- happy, smiling candids snapped between the "real" photos, awkward poses and silly grins. I love it all. And I'm sure that's why I enjoy blogging so much too. Outside of the obvious- the preserving stories and happenings from our day to day life, the writing, the creating...the photos are what make it that much more special. I've been trying to get back in the groove of using my regular camera, and so far, so good...and I'm so grateful to have these pictures of the boys and me. Thank you Hank!

Here are some photos from our walk tonight-

And here are links to our outfits too-
My dress // ankle boots (these are similar- the ones I have on are the Ecote Festival boot from Urban Outfitters, no longer sold) // Henry's tee // shorts // sandals


  1. dani, you are SO beautiful. and seeing you in your element, with those babies, well, you're just vibrant. I so wish we could have a play date. hopefully one day!

  2. great pictures :) and what a lovely dress!
    xo, cheyenne

  3. love your light hair, looks perfect on you :)

  4. These boys look so grown up! Seems like a happy evening. <3

  5. These simple moments or shots of what happens "in between life" really are the best moments. It's nice you get to saviour them on your blog :)

  6. Lovely photos, it's great to just take some pictures of the normal day every now and then. I wish my husband would offer to take some, usually I have to thrust the camera upon him :)

  7. I love capturing sweet little moments like this. Great pictures!


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