Sunday, October 19, 2014

9th & Elm and Weekend Links

Happy Sunday! The weekend is winding down but before it ends I wanted to share some links and some fun picks from a Sometimes Sweet partner, 9th & Elm. 9th & Elm is a website that showcases items from handmade and independent designers. There is a TON of stuff on the site, so when you head over be sure to utilize the different areas for shopping, but there are definitely some great deals and finds to be discovered. Here are some of my favorites:
1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9

And also, here are some links from around the web this week. Enjoy! xo

17 Dirty Jokes We TOTALLY Missed In Beloved Films From Our Youth.

What I Saw as an NFL Ball Boy.

Why are America's postpartum practices so rough on new mothers?

Experiences over things.

Why I Don't Breastfeed...if You Must Know.

Wishlist: these sneakers, this dress, and this top.

"Where were all the people?"

These look so good- baked apple cider doughnuts.

So cool: Creating with a Kid.

Love these fall fashion picks.

How to meditate in five minutes or less.

Welcome, Teddy boy!

How do you say goodbye at a party?

7 obvious reasons you need to date a guy with a beard.

Have you checked out Transparent yet? 

The coolest girl you know probably uses a flip phone...

"I survived a weekend with the cult of Oprah."

And finally, "An Ode to the Mid-2000s Coach Bag." Did you have one?


  1. Those donuts look so good! I love that they're baked, too. We've been thinking about making apple cider donuts as wedding favors next year, so I'll have to try them out. :)

    Also, I love me a green jacket. I don't need three...or do I?

  2. I just sold my mid-2000's brown C-patterned Coach tote in a garage sale for $15. The lady was ecstatic. I took my 3 year old to Target with the cash and bought him a talking Daniel Tiger doll. Oh, how times have changed.

  3. Hi Danielle,

    This is such a great post for families that are moving to Corpus Christi and looking for the perfect thing to do during the fall season.

    I always appreciate all of the wonderful photos that you post, they are so scenic of Corpus Christi, I am sure that the people in town are glad to have such a proud resident such as yourself, that can showcase the area so well.

    This “Pumpkin Picking” post is one of my favorites but I was also intrigued by the discussion that your “How Are You” post created this month, it was interesting to see so many people respond.

    I hope to see more fall fashion posts as we reach December 

    Have a great day!