Friday, October 10, 2014

Weekend Links

I haven't done a links post in a few weeks, so I have lots of fun things to share! I hope you enjoy. xoxo

First, I recently got the chance to try out Pipsticks sticker club (see the photo here) which is a subscription service for kids (or sticker-loving adults!). Henry loved it- he was so into getting "real" mail, and spent the longest time sorting and sticking his new stickers. Henry and Mom-approved, all the way! And as a bonus, use code SWEET10 to receive one month free when you subscribe to any 6 or 12 month Club or Family subscription.

How to quit or move on without feeling guilty.

Atheism's shocking woman problem.

My family moved to Nashville for Nashville.

"How I’m using my gig as a writer for ‘Transparent’ to make sure the T in LGBT isn’t edited out of television."

Have you watched this video yet? It's very moving...

What kids around the world eat for breakfast.

Wishlist: this tunic, these shoes, and this dress.

Three books that all feature Sylvia Plath in some way.

How they do fall in Hawaii.

Monsanto woos Mommy bloggers...

25+ apps to make your everyday life easier.

So, this made me cry.

Books and Looks. A fun spin off my Literate and Stylish series. Check it out, and submit your own book and look.

The dawn of the post-clinic abortion.

Currently posts around the internet: Cristina and Megan.

25 famous women on getting older.


And finally, marriage on Instagram versus marriage in real life

Have a good one! <3


  1. Laughing over the Instagram link. It's sad/funny how true it is!

  2. Nice collection of links! That atheism one made my whole body tense with anger! Off to click on another!

  3. Great links!! The atheism article was interesting but sad. Wow, some of those breakfasts were....interesting haha!
    Thank you so so much for linking to Books & Looks! :)

  4. I usually love your links. Sadly this week will be the week I stop following the blog because of both the Slate and NY Times articles. I hope that one day articles can be chosen that express an opinion without resorting to bashing religious persons.

    1. Emily, what a shame you feel that way! Neither article was bashing ANY religion or religious persons. Both were just a side of a story or argument. We can find different sides of these things all over the place, and I feel comfortable sharing all of it in this space. I will miss you! </3

    2. Danielle,
      while they weren't explicitly anti-religious (and upon reflection I feel more this way with the Slate article than the NY Times one, so I retract my statement about that article), it was the way the Slate article starts presenting religion as being where the oppression of women directly starts from. The article presents the lack of gender equality in atheism as a sad thing because obviously religious persons can't also be feminists, only in atheism can women truly be free of the 'oppression' that all faiths bring.
      I understand that viewpoint, but in my own journey to a live that includes faith I have begun to understand that it is that line of thinking which is wrong, and as a young person it is exhausting to hear it perpetuated all the time. I suppose that is where I get an adverse reaction to it.

  5. Okay.. the person who wrote the "Atheism has a woman problem" article is painfully ignorant. They're treating Atheism as if it is an organized group of people with leaders, and that is 100% wrong.

    Atheism does not have a sexism issue, or any other issue. That could never be possible. That's like saying "People who say Fall is their favorite season have a woman problem!" There is only one criteria for being an atheist: Disbelief in any god. It's a characteristic, not a belief system. OF COURSE there is going to be some sexist douchebags who are atheist. There's also going to be some amazing, open-minded people who are atheist. There's going to be teachers, painters, parents, murderers, thieves, and so on. See where I'm getting at?

    Religions DO have a group of people who share a common belief system. Saying that a certain religion "has a woman" problem would be fine, because people in that religion are supposed to generally live by the same ideals. Atheists are united by ONE disbelief, and NOTHING else.

    Ugh, what an awful, ignorant article. You just can't lump atheists together unless you are specifically talking about their lack of belief in god, and nothing else.

  6. I particularly enjoyed the breakfast around the world.
    That Plath book link is something I tweeted you and I bet I wasn't the only one, lol. Kinda like people that know me always think of me when a Cure song plays :-)
    The instagram versus real like made me laugh.
    Books and Looks and Literate and Stylish are some of my very favorite blog posts.
    Happy Autumn.

  7. Thanks for sharing my Currently post! I've seen the Brittany Maynard video a few times and I wondered if you've seen Gillian Bennett's website, Dead at Noon? I think maybe Elizabeth from Delightfully Tacky posted it on Facebook, but I can't be sure. It's very powerful.

  8. Always love your links Danielle! Thanks for all the wonderful web surfing, the procrastinator in me loves it <3