Monday, November 24, 2014

Crafting Community // Come Craft With Us!

Now that Henry's older it's even more fun to craft and make things together. It's always been great, but now at this age he's bursting with so many ideas about how to do things, and I love that. Watching his creativity and interest in art flourish has been such a magical thing, and probably one of my most favorite parts of parenting.

This past weekend Henry and I (and Charlie too, in the Ergo) made placemats for the kids' Thanksgiving table. We had a great time with the Kimmel Kids stencils and as much as Henry enjoyed using them, I enjoyed looking at them- they're gorgeous. He traced the leaves and colored them in, then we wrote out each of the kids' names in the fall-themed colors. They turned out beautiful.

And in just a couple of weeks the whole family and I will be heading out to LA to attend the Crafting Community Handmade Holiday event, chock full of gorgeous crafts just like this, and so many more must-do and see parts of the event. Take a look here, and if you're in the area we would absolutely LOVE to meet you...and craft with you!

Happy almost-Thanksgiving!

*this post was brought to you by Crafting Community in conjunction with Ergobaby.


  1. Can we see the finished product? :)

    1. Hi Ashley! Yes! I will try to remember to snap a photo on Thanksgiving! :)

  2. Do you still have your pup Madeline? I haven't seen anything about her in ages.

    1. Yes we do! She just hates the spotlight, so I try to respect that. ;)
      Really though, I post photos everrry once and awhile. Not in the longest time though, you're right. :( I feel like I'm so busy snapping photos of the boys I always forget. I wish you weren't posting from anonymous so I could tag you in my next Maddie pic! ;) <3