Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Fall/Birthday/November Vibes

New seasons and new months always come along with a new rhythm, don't you think? For awhile I had to giggle when I saw #fallvibes on Instagram because it's just a funny image in my head, a girl in autumn clothing kicking leaves or holding a pumpkin spice latte or bundled up with cute socks and boots, saying "ohh yeah, fall vibes" really seriously. This has always made me laugh. But then, all of a sudden, I couldn't hold back from using that hashtag myself. Because yes, I'm fall-vibing over here. I can't help it. And for one day I was slightly sad that October was over but then I suddenly remembered all that I love about this next month.

November has a very specific feel to it for me- it's part birthday, part Thanksgiving, and part Christmas anticipation. And like clockwork, it's suddenly cold around these parts. I swear, we went to bed after a mild Halloween evening and woke up to a major cold front on November 1st. But that's pretty perfect, because as soon as Halloween is over I'm ready for the next- I'm ready for pie and Thanksgiving festivities and the little bits of holiday that start peeking up here and there...and for my first baby's birthday.

If I take it back to right before Henry's birth day I can still see frames of those days. Clear patches amidst the cloudy haze of four years past. There I am, walking around our block while Hank was at work, bundled up, my hands on my belly, wondering when our baby would arrive. There we are, on the couch the weekend before, eating pizza and watching movies, laughing (and being slightly scared) that these were the last days of this party of two. And there we are again, a couple of days later, holding that new little human, looking at him with all the wonder in the world and whispering hello to our sweet boy.

So November is a special month for us. Memories swirl all around it, and I'm sure they always will. Our baby boy isn't a baby anymore, and the fact that four is right on the horizon is incredibly exciting and a little unbelievable too. I just can't help but remember the way he felt in my arms when he was so tiny, the little wrinkles on his feet, the minature nails on his fingers. That baby smell, that downy hair, those fluttering eyelids as he drifted off to sleep snuggled up against my body. Happy memories come with this month, and I'm happy to be making more with every day passing. Fall-vibing, birthday-vibing, November-vibing, forever.


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  1. I'm definitely fall vibin' over here in Atlanta. The leaves are on the ground, and we've finally started getting fall weather. I'm loving every second of it. This is my favorite time of year, and nothing beats comfy sweaters and a hot coffee on the front porch.

    1. Yes to all of this! Bring on ALL the comfy sweaters! :)

  2. Ah, autumn vibes. I wish it could still be autumn here in Montreal. Winter is definetely here.

  3. In Denver, Fall goes so fast. I guess we're still in it, but most of the leaves have already fallen. It hasn't been very cold though. Today it was cold enough to break out my favorite cowl. Made me so happy.


  4. Crazy to think I've never actually had a pumpkin spice latte...haha. Cheers to your November though! We all have our special months of the year, mine would be August ;)

  5. I love fall for sure....spring and fall go hand in hand for me, much anticipation between the 2.......wishing a soon to be happy birthday to your little! It is terribly insane and a bit unfair in some ways how fast these babes grow......=) xoxo