Thursday, November 13, 2014

Some days are just a little magical.

Some days are just a little magical. Almost-four year olds nod at every suggestion, 15-month olds don't fuss or cry, and everything goes a little smoother than usual. This morning was one of those mornings- one of those rare, easy-breezy times where we kind of just floated through our day and believe you me, I tucked every bit of it away in a safe place to pull out during a crazy day when I need some serenity.

It's getting colder in our town, with temperatures dipping down into the 30s. Jackets and hats and warm socks are a must, and as we walked through town checking off to-dos and getting our errands done, I had such an overwhelming happy feeling in my heart. It's good to feel like I'm HOME, you know? I've lived here for about nine years and I think I'll always be grateful for this place- for a town that became a new home that felt like an old one, from the very beginning. There's something special about Prescott, from all the old houses to the Back to the Future-esque town square, the "Everyone's Hometown" banners on the streetlamps to the store fronts decorated for the holidays. Now, I know I tend to romanticize things but there really is a feeling that hangs around here, and if you pay close enough attention I'm sure you'll feel it too- it's a mix of friendliness and familiarity and a bit of funny quirkiness. I love it.

So we walked, we jumped in leaves, we ate cookies out of the brown paper bakery bags, all to the soundtrack of baby laughter and crunching leaves. We enjoyed this cold-but-not-too-cold day that left our noses a little more red and our cheeks hurting from smiling so much, and now as I sit here writing this I am feeling lucky for all of it, way down deep in my toes. I'm certain this good day will carry over right into the not-so-good ones that will inevitably come, and for that I am thankful.

Me: top // flannel // bag (c/o)
Henry: jacket (c/o) // jeans // shoes


  1. Stunning photos! Your town sounds dreamy as does the temperature (its an extremely hot day in my town in Australian today!). Day dreaming of winter....

    1. Thank you so much Jenna! You should come visit! :)

  2. I love this post! Your gratitude just flows so freely and I can so relate to enjoying a morning that goes so nice and smoothly! I just started a "Thankful Thursday" link up. You should share this post there, if you feel like it. It would fit in perfectly!

    1. Angela, thank you for your kind comment! :) I will go check out the link up! <3

  3. These photos represent fall perfectly! I love it!

    New Darlings

  4. Save the clock tower!! Ha! I love it!
    It looks you guys had a wonderful day. Stay warm!

  5. _+P{]'

    ^^^ Sorry! Does Charlie do this when you try to type on your computer too?? ^^

    Anyway! I just came over here to say (before my little one deleted it) that I'm glad you and your family had a beautiful day! From the pictures, it really does look magical! The beautiful weather you're having really gives me that cozy holiday feeling! I love it!
    Thanks again for sharing, Dani!

    The MAMA Gazette

  6. Simple pleasures!

  7. I loved those photos and the way You described Your day with Your family. Very heart warming. And kinda reminds Me of My sisters and Their own kids. So sweet and endearing I can only pray I'd have this someday :)