Friday, November 7, 2014

Weekend Links

First off, I wanted to gush for a second about my favorite Weekender bag, EVER. Have you seen Birdling Bags yet? They're American-made, by two Moms who also happen to be lifelong best friends, and their story is awesome. After I read it it made me even happier to help promote their awesome products. When I received the bag I was blown away with the craftsmanship. My sister and I couldn't get over how strong the straps felts and how sturdy the canvas was. It's neat because the bags are so pretty, but they're also insanely heavy duty- the best of both worlds. I would even venture to say that this would be the only weekender you will ever need. It fits EVERYTHING and because of how well it's made, you're set for life. Go check them out, and if you treat yourself to one, let me know what you think. I bet you'll love it.

And now, some links! Enjoy. xoxo

Are you ready, East-coasters?

5 things to know about attorney general nominee Loretta Lynch.

"Things Are Improving For LGBT Students, But They're Still Really Bad..."

Did you love 'Clarissa Explains It All?' Read this!

I really enjoyed watching this skate video.

RIP, Delia's.

4 rules for digital downtime everyday.

Wishlist: this tunic, this necklace, and these (very afforable) ankle boots.

Did you know...Americans now use less water then they did in 1970.

I couldn't love this more!

Like coffee? Then you'll probably enjoy Hank's coffee blog, if you haven't already checked it out. 

Disney attractions that didn't work out.

 Are You a J. Crew Democrat or a Pizza Hut Republican?

Non-fiction books everyone should read.

And finally, read this: On Kindness.


  1. I love canvas weekend bags. I have one from Bill Brown London and I almost book places to stay just to use it.

  2. As an East Coaster my whole life, I can honestly say... I am not ready for this cold weather! Can it be summer again? Though I'm excited for the warm soups and fuzzy socks that the cold season brings!

  3. that article on disconnecting is so key - and I love those bags! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I love the skateboarding video. The other day at the skatepark an older guy like this came + all the young lads were left with their jaws on the ground. SOOO rad! Thanks for sharing it. I sent it right over to Jon! Also, that bag is amazing for sure. Happy Tuesday friend. xx