Friday, November 21, 2014

Weekend Links

 I took this in Flagstaff last weekend- one of my most favorite places!

First, if you have a moment please visit this Go Fund Me page, set up for expecting mama Tiffany. She became pregnant earlier this year and soon after found out she had liver cancer. This page has been created to help offset medical costs. I wanted to share this here, and if you're moved, please continue to spread the word. Thank you.

My friend John (who actually introduced Hank and me!) just launched his new website. Yay John!

The 10 best documentaries on Netflix.

Interesting article about how religion has become 'toxic' in the UK.

11 babies who look exactly like famous people.

If you're thinking about starting something- you are not late.

Pie crust tips!

If Dwight Schrute quotes were motivational posters...

Why every newborn you see if wrapped in the same baby blanket.

Here's what really goes on at Planned Parenthood everyday.

Wishlist: this necklace, this tee, and these sneakers.

Are you a Taylor Swift fan?

What the Cosby uproar says about how far we've come.

To make: homemade coconut milk shampoo.

Check these children's books out- they're taking after your favorite rap songs!

30 famous women on overcoming their insecurities.

Two of my most favorite blogs (and people!): one and two.

On not trying to have it all.

And finally, an interesting read: What You Are Probably Doing That Will Cost Your Daughter $1.4 Million.

Have a great weekend! xo


  1. I love all of these links! Those babies are pretty awesome :)

    arushee | unadorned gifts

  2. Oh goodness, this is a killer list. I particularly loved that article near the end about not having it all - what a refreshing take on the life of an entrepreneur / mom. I don't yet have children, and I've always worried that my business will become less of a priority if I do, because society has convinced me that that's what happens when you become a mom. I love that there are women out there like this author that kick ass everyday and don't let motherhood define them.

    Brittany Leigh Jewelry

    1. YES! That article was my favorite from the entire list. I'm so happy you liked it too. <3

  3. AH. The blog post on not trying to have it all is such a great read. I have a couple more of these links on my "to read" list...Thanks so much for sharing!

    Adia // Adia Sinead

    1. You're welcome, Adia! Thank you for taking the time to comment! :)