Monday, December 22, 2014

A Weekend in Los Angeles

Last weekend Hank, the boys and I headed out to Los Angeles for a fun family weekend. When we returned home that Sunday it felt like a whirlwind- it was a jam-packed four days, but as busy as it was, it was so much fun!

We flew out of our small local airport into LAX on Thursday evening. It's a quick one-hour flight, so it's not bad for the kids, although it can be very bumpy at times. This time we got Charlie his own seat so we could have him in his carseat while flying, and it worked out well. I get nervous about the turbulence and him not being strapped in safely since its a small place, so it made me feel better to have him secured. We use the Orbit Baby toddler carseat and it's very easy to use on a plane- you just pop on the side rails and it quickly can be used right in the airplane seat (and then later rear-facing in your rental car if need be). Because we travel a lot, and especially by car, Charlie is very used to his carseat so flying for an hour in it was no thing. The carseat also clicks right into the stroller base so that's how we do it- check Henry's seat at the ticket counter, gatecheck the stroller, and carry Charlie's seat on the plane.

The next few days were full of a lot- I worked in the Ergobaby office on Friday while it rained and rained and rained. Hank kept the kids busy, and when I got back to the hotel we headed over to the Farmer's Market at The Grove for dinner and our favorite treat, Pinkberry. The next morning we hiked around Griffith Observatory and we all absolutely loved it. It was our first time there and not only was the post-rain view breathtaking, there were so many great hiking paths we could all enjoy. I definitely recommend adding this to your "must-see" list if you plan on visiting L.A., with or without kids.

Later in the day was Crafting Community's Handmade Holiday event at the Lombardi House, and we spent a couple of hours hanging with friends, enjoying delicious treats, and crafting (of course!). It was a really special day, and my first experience with Crafting Community. It's hard to capture the entire afternoon in a paragraph, but I was so impressed with every bit of the event. There was something for everyone, and Henry and I had the best time making and creating gifts for the people we love. Crafting Community's mission is to create experiences where families can play, grow and be together...and we did just that! I felt so happy being around so much beauty, and I left feeling very inspired, full of fun ideas to do with Henry, and best of all HE had the best time. What a day!

The rest of the trip zoomed on by, and we ended it Sunday at the beach. It was a quick visit, but we managed to squeeze in some beach running, boardwalking, and Mexican food eating. All in all, it was one of my favorite weekends to date.

Thanks for the fun weekend, L.A.! Can't wait to come back again soon.

Here are some photos- from both my iPhone and regular camera. Enjoy. xo

*this post is in partnership with Orbit Baby and Crafting Community.


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    1. Hi Kerry!

      Thanks for stopping by! :) And I agree- I love busy weekends. Although sometimes a "do nothing" weekend is nice too. ;) I'm craving one of those!

      Happy holidays-

  2. Sounds like a great trip-We were at Disneyland this weekend celebrating my birthday. The weather was perfect!

    1. Oh Jana happy birthday! And what a perfect place to celebrate. I hope you had the best time. :)

  3. Danielle you have this business of traveling with a family down pat! Seeing this post has made me feel less anxious about my family christmas trip tomorrow! Looks like you guys had a wonderful & productive weekend. I hope you have a wonderful Christmas with your family!

    Lauren / And Together We

    1. Hi Lauren!

      I'm so glad I could help to ease any anxiety! I totally know how you feel though! Let me know how it goes...and have the best holiday! :)