Wednesday, April 1, 2015

5 Reads for April

(None of these pictured are mentioned below! I quickly grabbed 5 off of our bookshelf to use here. Silly, I know. Kindle problems...)

1. Lots of Candles, Plenty of Cake

I'm in the middle of this book right now and it's been such a delight. I really enjoy reading memoirs of women reflecting on the life they've led, and this book totally fits that bill. It's a collection of stories by Anna Quindlen, from all points and parts of her life and it's fantastic. I really enjoy how she manages to find the extraordinary in seemingly ordinary things, and I find her writing to be incredibly inspiring- and also so easy to read, as she really feels like a friend.

2. Self-Help

Self-Help was under the recommended list for the book above, and it looked intriguing so I downloaded it to my Kindle. The other afternoon I read the sample and really, really enjoyed it. It's a collection of short stories and the one I read was called "How to be an Other Woman." Interesting perspective, beautiful storytelling...I'm just hoping the rest of the book lives up to the bit I enjoyed. From the looks of the reviews it does, and I'm looking forward to continuing this one tonight before bed.

3. Better Than Before: Mastering the Habits of Our Everyday Lives

My friend Amy and I started this on the same day without even knowing that we did (have you noticed yet, that I'm in the middle of about five books at any given time? I like to switch between a few unless I binge read something in one night!). Anyway, it was such a nice surprise to see Amy post a photo of this one on her IG, and then later that night another friend mentioned it on Facebook. And for good reason, so far, so good! I've read all of Gretchen Rubin's books, and although I liked her first one the best, this one seems great too. I love quick reads like this- all about trying to be the best "you" you can be- super inspiring.

4. Meditation: How to Meditate: A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind

So I'm someone who needs to be made to slow down. One of my best friends has been meditating recently and has been telling me how helpful it's been. I don't know much about it, but I did add this book to my reading list last week and will hopefully get to it this month. I chose it because it has close to 100% of its 118 reviews as five stars, but if you have a different book you'd recommend, please do so!

5. All the Bright Places

After all of this non-fiction and self-help, I thought it would be good to end on a light, young adult note. I don't know anything about this book outside of the short hook I read, or know anyone who has read it...but it looks interesting! I loved The Fault in Our Stars and the first review said if you like'll love this. Sign me up.

Let me know if any of these look good to you, and if you decide to read along with me! Fill me in on what's on your list too! Happy reading. xoxo


  1. Lorrie Moore is one of my favourites. Self-Help is amazing, but her later collection of short stories, Birds of America, is even better.

    1. Oh awesome, I will check it out! :) Thanks!

  2. Shout out to the book in your hand The Shadow of the Wind. One of my all-time favorites!

    I think I may just add All the Bright Places to my read list. Sounds interesting, especially since I loved The Fault in Our Stars too.

    1. Hey Sherri!

      You know what, I haven't even read that one yet (borrowed it from a friend) but so many people have commented on how much they love it. I think I'll have to finally crack it open! :)

      Thanks- and have the best day!

  3. These all sound really interesting, I've been wanting to branch out into more non fiction for a while now.

    Emma x
    Writing Essays With Wine

  4. "lots of candles, plenty of cake" is one of the best memoir titles I've heard in ages - although I may think that because it would be a great title for mine :) Grabbing a copy to read along with you

  5. Just added Anna Quindlen's book to my to-read list, thanks! I'm really looking forward to Better than Before (loved her first book) and All the Bright Places too. I already commented on IG, but I'm about to start The Pocket Wife, which sounds intriguing, and I just put a hold on Bone Gap at the library - another new YA that I've heard good things about.

    And I'm sure I've said this before, but I love your book lists. I always look forward to these posts. :)

  6. I want to read "Meditation: How to Meditate: A Practical Guide to Making Friends with Your Mind". :)

    ♥ Naomi Starry Eyes + Coffee Cups

  7. I Love Gretchen Rubin! I am currently going through her Happiness Project and am loving it!

  8. I'm currently reading the best philanthropy book, Give a Little by Wendy Smith. It's about how small donations from average-Joe Americans make way more of a difference than we realize. I highly recommend it so far!

  9. Let's Get Lost by Adi Alsaid is a good YA fic book if you want another one like that. Also, ANYTHING by Rainbow Rowell is pretty fantastic. I think her book Attachments is one of my favorite books ever.