Monday, April 13, 2015

Charlie's Favorite Books: 20 Months Old

Books, books, books! These boys of mine love to read, and I always try to keep their book selection fresh, whether it's from our library visits or from the bookshelves in our house. And although I do switch books in and out, there are always favorite that seem to stay in rotation day after day. Charlie has been in love with a few particular books lately, and even asks to sleep with them. Sometimes Hank and I will laugh together when we check the video monitor after we put Charlie down and see him sitting up in his bed in the dark, "reading" before he goes to sleep. So cute.

So these are Charlie's current favorite books- I'm linking to Amazon below, and I'll share Henry's next week too. Enjoy!

1. Moby Dick. This is a BabyLit book, which is one of our most beloved book series. If you're not familiar, BabyLit takes classic books we know and love, and turns them into super rad board books for little ones. They're truly a treat to read too- the illustrations are so cool and each book takes a different spin on the classic. Some are more thematic and other focus on things like sounds in the book, like the second BabyLit I'll mention below.

2. 100 First Words. This book is part of a series and Charlie absolutely LOVES them. He will point and say the names of so many of the pictures, and it's been cool watching him learn more and more each time we read it (which is probably about 10x a day). I started out by reading it to him, pointing to each picture and saying the name of it, and as time went on he started doing the pointing while I said what they were, and now he does a lot of the reading too.

3. Trucks. These Carry-Me books are great. Charlie loves to carry these around, and this is one of those books that can work for toddlers or kids Henry's age too, since the information inside is technical and interesting for 3-4 year olds as well. There are also some sensory details, and Charlie likes to touch all of the various parts on each page.

4. Five Little Pumpkins. This is a forever favorite in our house. I loved it growing up, Henry calls it his favorite Halloween book and song, and now Charlie adores it too, requesting "pun-kin book!" whenever it's time to read. It's a fun, quick book that you can work counting into also.

5. Words. This is the first book that Charlie really loved. He calls it the "apple book" and it's basically just a book with big, bright pictures inside teaching little ones to identify each item.

6. Sherlock Holmes. Another BabyLit book, and like I mentioned above, this one focuses on the sounds in the classic like "hounds howl" and "gates creak." Charlie has a great time with this one and loves when we make the actual noises for him.

Happy reading! xo


  1. This is a lovely selection! I'm hoping to turn my little one into an avid reader so I'm always looking for fun books to add to our ever-expanding collection. Love the look of the BabyLit books, what a fun idea!

  2. my nephew is close to 20 months, so I think I may pick some of these up for him!

  3. What a great book selection - I think the BabyLit books sound amazing,
    I've just added some to my Amazon wishlist! x

  4. Such a sweet selection, I'm always on the look out for new books and although my daughter is only 7 months now I will definitely look up the BabyLit books for later - such a great concept.

  5. Lyla LOVED that first 100 words book, I guess it's every mom's staple :)

  6. I love the Baby Lit books! We only have one but I think they are so cool!