Monday, May 11, 2015

Our Mother's Day Video

First of all, Happy Mother's Day! I hope all of you had a great weekend. We spent part of the weekend at the Scottsdale Hyatt (yay for summer rates!), and then spent the rest of it relaxing at home. For me, that meant binge-watching television in bed with no interruptions and then going on a long run in the afternoon. It was really, really wonderful.

So Hank and I typically subscribe to a no-gifts policy for each other for all occasions and instead put our money towards travel...but this year the boys surprised me with a GoPro. I've wanted one for some time, and I was SO excited to receive it! Yesterday we took it for its first spin, and here's a quick little video I made from part of our Mother's Day evening. I hope you enjoy- and be sure to click the gear to watch it in HD! xoxo


  1. Love this so much! All the heart eyes! xoxo

  2. Replies
    1. I'm SO in love with it! You should get one too! :)

  3. oh.....i think i need a gopro now!! Good thing my bday is just around the corner!

  4. This is darling! I love Henry the airplane flying around throughout the video. Hope you had the best day together!

  5. Did you get a waterproof case too? They're awesome and I made the best video of Georgie under the water when he was three!

  6. This is very cute!!! I wouldn't mind grabbing a gopro for myself as I've been very interested in video lately.

    Have a great evening :)


  7. What a super fun video. Loved it!