Friday, June 19, 2015


Have you seen the pretty new display of Olly vitamins in Target? When I visited the store a couple months ago I was intrigued by their bright colors and great packaging, so when this partnership came about I was extra excited, because it finally gave me the push to try these fun little vitamins!

I already take a particular daily, so I wanted to try a few different ones for the whole fam. We've been traveling the past month so I thought I would try their Ultimate Immunity to ward off any sickness I might pick up with my sleep and eating being a little out of the norm. Hank and I also thought that their Restful Sleep looked interesting, so we got that, and then the Kids' Multi + Probiotic for Henry as well.

Honestly, I REALLY like these happy little gummies. I used the Ultimate Immunity gummies throughout the trip and I felt like the extra boost of Zinc did me well. Henry LOVED the Multi too, and each day when he woke up he said "Is it vitamin time yet?!" My favorite though, would have to the Restful Sleep. I took these a few times and was really impressed by the relaxation they brought to me, especially after being on my computer leading up to bedtime. I'd definitely recommend them and I feel good that they're all natural and free of dyes and chemicals, too.

As an added bonus, when I read about the company I realized that it was co-founded by one of the founders of Method, a company I spent a year partnered with here on this blog. I had the opportunity to meet and speak with Eric Ryan at a dinner a few years ago and he was a wonderful person who was a pleasure to chat with. I thought it was so neat to learn this was his brain child too- the man sure has some good ideas!

And one last bit of goodness: Olly is hosting a sweepstakes right now, with the grand prize being a Day Spa package for a lucky winner & a friend, a 6 months supply of Olly Vitamins, and a personal wellness consultation with Olly's resident nutritionist! 100 runner ups will receive an Olly product of their choosing. Very awesome. Enter here and get 20% off your order too.

Let me know if you've tried Olly, or if you plan too! Here's to good health and taking care of ourselves. xoxo

This post was sponsored by Olly. Thanks for reading! xo


  1. I am such a sucker for gummy vitamins, but I have to hide them from my husband because he tends to eat them like candy! I'll definitely look out for these the next time that I am in Target...which should be like...tomorrow. :LOL.
    The Mini Skirt

    1. I feel the same way with Hank and Henry! I'm like, guys you really CAN'T have more! haha. Let me know what you think when you try them!

      Thanks for reading Erin. :)


  2. We've been meaning to pick up some vitamins for our two year old to start taking, we'll have to try these out!


  3. I gotta try this out. I super love gummy vitamins for I enjoy eating it and its healthy!

  4. I keep passing these in Target (you know, like 5 times a week) and their packaging is so eye-catching. I kind of can't wait to finish off my current bottle of gummy vitamins so I can stock up on these. :)

  5. These are not vegetarian friendly - I saw them at Target and got so excited and then read the ingredients :( I wish I could take them too. Plenty of companies make gummies without gelatin - I don't know why they insist on using it when there are alternatives so more people could benefit from them. Oh well!

    1. Hey anon!

      I know, I realized the same after I got some comments on IG. I'm sorry about that. Maybe if people write in, they'll consider changing!

      Thanks for the comment. <3

  6. Apparently the person who founded Olly is the same person who founded Method. Method is animal aware so I have NO idea why they would use gelatin in these. I can't use them either.