Sunday, August 16, 2015

Charlie is Two!

Two years old. I can't even believe it! Charlie has brought so much sunshine into our lives and it's impossible to even begin to touch on how wonderful this past year has been with him. Our baby is TWO! As much as I miss that tiny newborn stage, I have to say that toddler Charlie is pretty much the most fun thing ever. I'm going to skip on the long post for now, but I'll be back this week with some more thoughts on this little darling's second year. For now, I thought it would be fun to revisit this video I made last year, documenting Charlie's first year. Enjoy...and happy birthday Charlie babe!



  1. Happiest Birthday to Charlie! <3

  2. Oh my god Dani, this was absolutely adorable!!!!!

  3. Happy Birthday Charlie! (Also, I bawled through this entire video. Probably because I'm sitting in my living room picturing making all those videos and family moments in THIS room one day and that's just pretty amazing. Man. I'm totally PMSing and sentimental hehehe)