Monday, August 3, 2015

Our Stay at Amara Resort in Sedona

Last weekend Amara Resort and Spa invited us up for the night. We absolutely love Sedona and have visited countless times (it's just a little over an hour away), but have never stayed at Amara. I saw that it was a Kimpton property, which is a favorite of ours, so I knew it would be fabulous. And oh my gosh you guys, it was MORE than we had expected. Amara didn't ask for a blog post, or expect me to do one, but I really wanted to share about this special place tucked away in the red rocks with all of you. From check-in to check-out, the whole experience was really great and I can't recommend Amara enough.

The room we stayed in was right over the creek, and we left our windows open that night and fell asleep to the sound of the water moving over the rocks- it was so peaceful. The whole space was really beautiful- very modern and right up our alley. We had arranged for my parents to watch the boys so Hank and I could enjoy a night just for us, but when we got to the room we felt so bad we hadn't brought them along! They would have loved it. Plus it was a suite-style room, which is perfect when we travel as a family so we can put the boys to bed and still enjoy time on our own.

After oohing and ahhing a bit over the room, we settled in and then took a walk around the property. They have the most amazing infinity pool backing right up to the red rocks and a big area with games and activities right there too. Very, very cool. We checked out some of the hiking trails that surround the resort, then went back to get ready for dinner. Being the planner I am, I had to look up Saltrock Southwest Kitchen beforehand and had read all about the best things to order, etc. But much to our delight when we arrived (the restaurant is right in the hotel) our wonderful server Wade explained that the chef had something special planned for us. We ended up enjoying an eight-course meal prepared by the talented Chef Keith. It was INSANE. Every dish was better than the last! Some of our favorites: the roasted corn (sounds simple and it was- but it was also the best and most flavorful corn I've ever had), the duck confit tacos, and the achiote chicken breast. So good. I had a couple glasses of the Stronghold Rose and as we sat there sipping our drinks and eating such amazing food with that VIEW...I almost wanted to start crying with what a beautiful night it was. Hank and I hadn't had a night away for just the two of us in so long, and it was truly a treat to be able to enjoy such a special evening together. Our server Wade made the night so special, and we enjoyed our conversations with both him and the Chef. I can't say enough good things about the whole dinner experience.

We rolled our very full selves home and ended up falling asleep super early, which was another treat since as much as we love it, we knew we would have no little guys jumping on us, yelling "good morning guys!" the next morning.

We naturally woke up before 7am of course- thanks internal alarm clocks- and headed down to the spa to take one of their yoga classes. These classes are part of your stay, which is amazing. The class was excellent, held in a bright studio room in the spa, and both Hank and I really really enjoyed ourselves. It was the perfect way to start the day. And a tip if you do stay at Amara, be sure to sign up ahead of time. There was only one other woman in our class, but I'd imagine it could get crowded if a bigger group signed up. And then to top off what really was a dream weekend, I was lucky enough to get a massage. Words can't even describe that whole experience either- wow. I haven't had a massage in years, and it was just such a great cap off to our time in Sedona.

If you're close by or are planning a trip out West, come to Sedona and stay at Amara! It's hip, it's fun, it's cool...but without even trying to be any of those things. Super accessible, everyone we encountered was so kind, and the overall vibe is exactly what you would hope for- positive and light and really inviting. I also loved that we were able to arrive, unplug, and do everything right there! Hike, eat, swim, yoga, spa, etc. It really is the perfect destination. And a good pick for a family trip too. Anyway, I could go on. But I just really wanted to share this special gem with you guys. Please let me know if you end up booking a trip! I really hope you do. And thanks Amara, for hosting us. We can't wait to go back!



  1. Ooh! A night away from the kids in a beautiful setting?! I don't even know what that is, but it's what dreams are made of! I have a friend who goes to Sedona a lot and always raves about it :) XO Chelsea play. wash. rinse. repeat.

  2. woah! that's a sweet room! what a fun night! I want to go! :)

  3. We love the Kimpton Hotel brand! We've stayed at their San Diego and Seattle properties - amazing boutique hotels, great food, fantastic service across the board. I've always wanted to go to Sedona, thanks for posting this review.

  4. HA! My husband and I stayed here on a trip to Sedona - I remember that little green courtyard-y thing. We drank a bottle of wine and dreamed about the future there. Pre-kiddos! Seems a lifetime ago.
    Helen XO
    Les Petits Gazette