Monday, September 28, 2015


Reading: I've been working a lot lately so I haven't had too much time for reading the past couple of weeks. However, I have been managing to sneak in some pages on a couple of books I'm moving through very slowly. I did finish a book that was surprisingly engaging, albeit pretty poorly written- Down the Rabbit Hole. If you click on that don't you dare judge me! ;) haha. Growing up in the 90s/2000s I really feel like Playboy was such a big thing- a little embarrassing to admit but I remember going to tanning beds with my girlfriends before Spring Break (2002? 2003?) and getting a Playboy bunny sticker every time so we would have the outline of little bunnies on our lower hip. SO incredibly stupid on many levels but really funny to look back on. So anyway, it was definitely an interesting read, but a beach read for sure. Little to no thought necessary but very fun. I also just started reading The Dinner by Herman Koch. So far, so good!

Eating: While hiking through Yosemite I was living out of my backpack for a few days and started eating tortillas with almond butter and dried apricots inside once I got sick of protein bars and ran out of beef jerky. SO good. Since being home I've been making the same for the boys and me in the morning and it's been a hit. Easy and portable- the perfect on-the-way-to-school snack! We don't typically do the dried fruit thing so bananas, apples, and/or berries work well too.

Thinking about: I feel like my brain is all over the place so I'm just going to type out every random thing on my mind for you, so here goes: I have been thinking a lot about a third child and we go back and forth SO much as to when we should try. We know for sure we would love to have another baby, but when? Is there ever a good time? But then other parts of me think- is three too many? Is it socially irresponsible to have a big family? No judgment if you do, these are just things I think about. A lot. haha. I've also been having discussions with Hank about work. For such a long time I thought all I wanted to do was be a stay-at-home Mom. When I went back to work (although I work mainly from home), I realized (remembered!) how much I really, really love working. And now I'm not sure if I can imagine ever going back to the way it was. Granted, it's definitely a juggling act, but it works for us. I feel like I should write a post about the past year and a half and this whole transition...maybe I will soon. Also- why does my anxiety get so funky every month, during that time of the month? I swear, I feel crazy for a couple of days and it goes away. I'm starting to really pay attention and I can totally chart when it's going to happen. I feel like I should explore ways to combat this because I hate it.

Looking forward to: Every year my girlfriends and I go back to Flagstaff for Homecoming. This year that weekend wasn't possible, so we're headed up the weekend before (next weekend!) to spend a few days in our favorite place. The leaves should be getting some good colors and I'm really, really excited for even chillier weather. On the agenda: lots of hiking, lots of yoga, and lots of good food and wine. Hank and the boys will be having a daddy/son weekend and they're super excited for camping and a big pizza party.

Enjoying: My girlfriends. This is a constant feeling for me, but lately I've just been so in awe of the females in my life. I've also had the great pleasure of meeting a few really amazing new friends, and reconnecting with some old ones also. For example- while in college I had a wonderful friend and sorority sister named Brittany. I absolutely adored her, but she transferred to a different college after a year and we lost touch. Fast forward to last summer, and who ends up having a daughter in Henry's class? Brittany! Henry's teacher is a good friend of mine, and while at the before-school picnic that summer she mentioned there was a new family that we would love, and how much I would connect with the Mom. She pointed her out across the park, and once she turned around we had such a fun slow motion recognition- "IS THAT YOU?!" Over the past year I've so enjoyed getting to re-know my friend again and I feel so lucky we are back in each others' lives in such a fun way.

Learning: So many new things. Camping things, hiking things, backpacking things, house renovation things, etc! One big thing is that this year I was asked to join the Board of Directors at Henry's school. I was so flattered and excited, but also a little nervous because although I've done similar things in the past, I've never served on anything like this before. I said yes, and since then it's been such a fun experience. And on a different note, this backpacking trip I just completed taught me a MILLION things about myself, nature, and life in general. I'm almost done with my post on that, and I can't wait to share!

Loving: Fall, the tiny bits of Fall color on the edges of the trees, bagels in the morning, baby Poppy and seeing Veronica as a newborn mama all over again, my sister and her happiness, upcoming trips with Hank, Henry and Charlie and their (usually) sweet relationship, avocado toast, finding new blogs and IG profiles to love, and the holidays coming up!

So, how about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out.


  1. Always love your currently posts! My anxiety always gets more intense around that time of the month too! Exercise and regular sleep seem to help :) crazy about reconnecting with your friend from so long ago! Love how the universe works.

  2. I really enjoyed this post. You've inspired me to live life a little fuller! Glad things are going well for you.

  3. Check out Joanna Goddard's recent post on Cup of Jo: "How many children do you hope to have?". It's got some thoughtful ways to think about the decision to have more (or fewer!) children, and in the comment section there's some great "thinkers" too :)

  4. Fun to read! Like old school blogging.

  5. I just found out about a book called Woman Code which better explains why we get all different feelings (including anxiety) around our time of the month. I haven't tried the 4 day hormone cleanse or anything yet but the information that the author has behind her ideas is really interesting and scientific and makes sense. I would recommend listening to The Lively Show podcast with her on it.

  6. O m g . I start going nuts five days before my cycle. Not to mention getting a killer headache. It all started after I turned 30. I have to up the workout intensity and take a magnesium supplement before bed. My doc said I could try birth control and gave me a script for zanax but, damn that's a lot of meds. I try and stay as natural as possible. I feel ya

  7. I love my girlfriends so much! I believe it's soo important to have a great group of females around you!

  8. I get anxiety right before my period, and it always throws me for a loop! It's really disorienting and awful-- I'm sorry you experience, but am glad to hear I'm not the only one. Would love to hear if you find any solutions. :)

  9. Loved this post so much I decided to join this time!


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