Friday, October 30, 2015

The Best Colors

Every single year I wait until now. There are these two particular weeks here in Northern Arizona where the Aspens turn this bright yellow, perfect color, and these two weeks are my favorite two weeks of the entire year. It's beautiful- and if you're anything like me as you walk through the forest you'll feel as if you're in some magical fairy land, faraway from the real world, in awe and in love as the leaves crunch under your feet, and the sunlight streams in through the bright yellow leaves.

I'm struggling here to find the right words to describe I feel when I have that first walk down the gold Aspen-lined path each Fall. It's a weird one- mostly happy because hello! Look where we are! But a little sad too, because it won't always be this way. Kind of a metaphor for life if we want to get really deep and a bit silly- nothing gold can stay, you know?

So I soak it up, every single last bit of it. Because at the very root of it who knows if I'll get to the Aspens next year? We don't really know, right? So I make it a point to take it in, the yellow-gold-oragnge hues, the sounds of the leaves under my feet. Crunch, crunch, crunch. I close my eyes and listen to the wind blowing through the leaves, tiny yellow hands waving quickly, back and forth, back and forth, cards being shuffled, streamers on a bike. The boys are laughing, it's echoing through the trees like an empty hallway. I am smiling, and for a tiny moment I can imagine that if I believed in heaven, this is what it would be. A pocket of happiness in this big world. A little space carved out just for us here in this neverending moment, crisp Fall air biting at our cheeks, as we walk down the golden path and look up and around in disbelief that all of this could possibly be real. Happy faces and thankful hearts surrounded by all of the best colors- the most beautiful day.

Note: To get to this particular spot, head up to Flagstaff and onto Snowbowl Road. When you're almost to the top, you'll see Aspen Corner on the left. You can't miss it. Park along the road and enter! To see another favorite spot for Northern Arizona Fall colors, see this post. xoxo


  1. Beautiful! I always see you Instagram these trees and wish so badly that I could come check them out. Cambridge, MA is pretty, but this is amazing! Case in point: I need to travel more. ;)

  2. These are really, really pretty photos. What lovely memories you're making together.

  3. Gorgeous photos. I love Aspen Corner! I am looking forward to our little one being old enough to enjoy these kinds of outings in the same way.

    Also, it may be good to note (especially for those not in the area regularly) that parking along Snowbowl Rd. is prohibited seasonally. They usually start ticketing, and even towing, people within the first few weeks of November, past the end of Ski Season, to about mid April.

  4. Gorgeous photos and OMG! Your boys are getting so big!