Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Want List

So! Have you guys seen a million posts about capsule wardrobes last year and then again this Fall season? I can't really get behind it (as much as I admire those who do) because I need a bit more freedom, but what I can get behind is paring your wardrobe down to the must-haves and key pieces. I wasn't always someone who thought like this- I would buy and buy, filling my closet with this and that, until last year I decided to go through it and get rid of anything I hadn't worn in a year. It worked well for me, until I took it a little further when I jumped on this bandwagon. From there I minimized even more, until I was left with really just the items I wear again and again and really love. With that said I still enjoy shopping and kind of filling in the spaces that need filling, but just with a different mindset. For instance last year I had a short list of items I needed: a tan raincoat, a pair of great rainboots, and a pair of dress shoes I could wear and rewear to the many weddings on our calendar.

This year Lyst got in touch with me about creating my current "want" list, and I'm really excited to share some of the things I'm on the hunt for this season, especially since this is exactly what's been on my mind lately! I feel like everyone I know has been purging their closet lately, and rebuying quality items. Maybe they're a bit more expensive, but the older I get it's quality over quantity for sure. And now, onto my short list of a few things I've been searching for.

1. A great leather jacket. I feel like this is something I've looked for, for the longest time. They either look too "tough" to me, or too dressy. I really like each of these for different reasons, and if you have suggestions, send 'em my way too!

2. The perfect pair of ankle boots. (note: I actually found a pair, the first pair below, but the other two are great options also) I found these all via Lyst as well, by typing in "Fall ankle boots." I wish I could justify getting all three!

one | two | three

3. A couple of casual dresses that are both comfortable and classic. I tend to go through dresses faster than other clothes. I buy them, wear them a couple of times, then get bored of them and they just sit in my closet gathering dust. Moving forward I want to buy pieces I will feel good wearing every year, and get excited about! I feel like these three dresses are a step in the right direction. I actually own the first one and LOVE it. For sizing reference I got an XS (it runs large).

Happy shopping! xo

*This post has been shared in partnership with Lyst. Thanks for reading! :)


  1. great picks! beautiful!

    love, rach.
    So, hi.

  2. I love that red plaid shirt dress!