Saturday, October 3, 2015

Weekend Links

Happy Saturday, friends! I finished up this post last night but didn't have time to finalize it, so here you go today! This weekend our in-laws are taking us to Sedona to soak up some of the Fall colors and awesome weather. I can't wait to be swimming, hiking, and playing amidst my favorite red rocks. We're staying here- have you ever been? It's my first time and I'm really excited. I'll let you guys know how it was next week, or you can always follow along via IG or Snapchat (username: danihamp).

Now, onto some links!

Read this: 9 Times Cecile Richards Threw Down For Reproductive Rights.

Eye roll, x infinity.

A boyfriend too good to be true.

On Failure and Non-Failure.

Women's issues are men's issues too.

On my wishlist: a cozy sweater, the Transport tote in Burgundy, and the perfect plaid scarf. Suggestions welcome!

And speaking of clothing, I just got these plaid dresses for Fall and I'm loving them. Madewell makes some of my favorite Fall/Winter clothing!

The Dieting Habit I Just Couldn't Break.

Unpopular Opinion: Being a Stay-at-Home Mother Is Not a Job.

On my reading list: one, two, and three. And note on number three- I started reading the series then got really busy and fell out of it somewhere in the second book maybe? This somehow happened even though I felt like I couldn't put the books down! I don't remember where I left off, so I'm restarting and I'm SO excited.

25 things you didn't know about Hocus Pocus.

Helen Mirren, I love you!

Ultimate travel list: Lonely Planet's top 10 sights in the world.

And finally, watch this.

Happy weekend! xoxo


  1. I love the stay at home mother article - that's my current situation and it's absolutely not a job to me (a job is what my boyfriend does to fund me bouncing the baby all day).

  2. Great links! I really love the top 10 sights in the world. Makes me itch to travel! One of my best friends actually lived in Shanghai for 4 years and has walked along the Great Wall a few times. And then my best friends sister went lived in Bulgaria for a few months and went to Turkey and saw the Aya Sofya. It's so beautiful! She took like 1000 pictures of the ceiling haha!

  3. Have you read Herman Koch's The Dinner? Just finished it today and that book was effed up. But so good. It was twisted and dark and disturbing and yet it made you go THAT IS GOOD WRITING. Basically it was delightfully disturbing.