Sunday, November 15, 2015


Reading: So I started The Dinner a couple months ago but got completely sidetracked and just picked it back up. Still loving it, and I'll give a full report as soon as I finish.

Eating: As soon as cold weather hits soup just sounds so good. I'm not too experienced with making it but this winter I am going to aim to make a couple different soups each month. First up, chicken vegetable, that I'm going to try and tackle tomorrow. It seems like such a simple thing to make, but I sometimes feel like the simple things are the hardest- they need to taste just right!

Thinking about: Balance. This past year I've learned a lot about what works best for both myself and my family, one of them being that I do not like traveling away from my boys. At first I enjoyed it- I thought it was really fun to go off and do my own thing, but the novelty quickly wore off and after over a year of being gone here and there quite often, I'm over it. I just want to be HOME. And looking forward, we have nothing on our calendar outside of a couple big family trips. That feels so good. Lesson learned, for sure. And I think the real key for me is balance. I will always travel, but I need to do it in a way where I feel good. Balance is key and I'm still figuring that one out.

Also thinking about: A couple of things way more important than my personal balance with traveling, which actually sounds really silly when you think about all of the horrible things going on in our world right now. I don't even know where to begin- but I just feel so broken hearted and discouraged. What can I even do over here? I want to help, but feel helpless...and also terrified thinking that what's happening over there, could easily happen again over here. And as a mother, it's even worse. Sad, all around.

Looking forward to: On a lighter note, I'm really excited for the holidays! Last year we waited until the first weekend in December to really decorate and get into it, and the season flew by entirely too fast. It was the first year since having kids that I felt truly upset with how quickly it went, and I promised myself that this year we'd do it up early. So we are going to put the tree up this next weekend...we're very excited.

Enjoying: Podcasts. I posted about this on IG a couple days ago here, but if you have any suggestions to add, let me know. I started Serial while on the elliptical today and WHOA, am I late to the party. It's amazing! I'm only one episode in, so no spoilers, but I am absolutely hooked. I never thought of myself as a big auditory person- I don't normally even do audio books- but I've been very surprised with how well I'm able to retain the information from the podcast! I'm really looking forward to listening to episode two tomorrow morning while working out.

Learning: That even if my skin is clear, it's still terribly sensitive and I can't treat it as if it isn't. This has been a huge lesson this past month or so. I always use the same things on my skin because it's sensitive and prone to breakouts, and it works for me. But because my skin has been so clear I thought I would try some new things. Bad idea. I usually use my fingers or one-time use makeup sponges to apply my makeup. And although I don't wear it a lot, I've had quite a few events over the last few weeks and have been wearing it more than normal. I got a Beauty Blender, and even though I meticulously cleaned it each time, apparently (I learned this after freaking out and googling) loads of bacteria stay in the sponge when stored. I stopped using it right away and lo and behold, my terrible breakouts stopped too. NEVER AGAIN BEAUTY BLENDER.

Loving: the very cold Fall we're having, my ankle finally starting to feel normal again (this injury made me really appreciate my body and how it normally works!), sourdough bread with butter, getting to spend time with my family this past weekend, planning fun holiday events over the next couple of months, friends opening new businesses in town, avocado on everything, and cozy weekends at home.

So, how about you? What are you up to today? Feel free to do your own "currently" post on your blog and link back in the comments for everyone to check out.


  1. So interested in your review of The Dinner. I've been eyeing it for-basically-ever, but haven't read it yet. I did read his other book, Summer House With Swimming Pool (or something to that effect), and enjoyed it. It was pretty predictable, at least to me, but liked the deeper themes woven in.

    And I feel you on the holidays. We started early last year and now that all the kids are old enough to "get" it this year, we're kind of forced to wait until AT LEAST December 5th to do any decorating, since my oldest will be with her dad until then, and my girlfriend is in training for work until December 18th (although she's allowed to come home on the weekends). Crossing our fingers the season doesn't pass too quickly for the littles to enjoy it!

  2. If you love Serial, you will enjoy Criminal as well. I am not a huge audiobooks person, but have been really enjoying podcasts.

  3. Loved The Dinner! As for podcasts, "Lies with Sara Schaefer" is one of my favorites. She is a comedian and has other famous people on the show and the whole premise is that they can't tell the truth. They just make stuff up. It's hilarious.

  4. Soup on chilly days is my absolute favorite, especially with warm toasted bread

  5. Hmmm, I wonder if the Beauty Blender is doing the same thing to me. I don't know why I hadn't thought of that before!

    Love these posts! Such a Sometimes Sweet classic.

  6. I just read The Dinner recently and I was appalled in a "omg this is so good but yet disturbing" kind of way. I think you'll really enjoy it. This Is The Life by Alex Shearer was another book I really enjoyed. It is written about brothers. One of them has brain cancer and the stories are told about Louis from the perspective of his brother helping take care of him throughout after Louis dying. Very beautiful and funny too. Makes you think a lot about life and loss and the bond of siblings.

  7. If you're looking for just any kind of podcast that can keep you hooked, try Awesome Etiquette and Dinner Party Download! :)

  8. The Dinner was excellent! Other great podcasts to add to your list are Detective (especially since you like Serial!), Stuff You Should Know, and the Moth!

  9. I'm going to copy this idea. Thanks! I love your blog!!!