Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween has come and gone, another year celebrating it in our beautiful town. We're actually known as "Arizona's Christmas City," but I also think we're the absolute best place in this part of the country for Halloween too! It's so much fun! You can see many, many years of our past Halloweens here, but I think this year was my favorite so far. It was so neat to see both boys get so excited, and to have TWO little ones walking up and saying "trick-or-treat!" This year Henry chose our costumes- Stormtroopers for the boys, and at his insistence, Darth Vader for me. Ha! I kept it simple with an all black outfit and a too small mask, as evidenced below.

Here are photos from this year's fun! We started the day on Mt. Vernon, then moved over to Park Ave. when it got dark. And then the same as last year, we ended with a pizza party at our friend's family restaurant before we stopped off at the grandparents'. It was a wonderful day. I hope you and your family had an awesome one too! Now, onto the holidays...


  1. multiple storm troopers are the best! also - you made a very beautiful darth vader hehe.

  2. I never know whether it is Star Wars or Hunger Games, haha. But cute!

  3. Oh my goodness. How are your boys so old already?! Those little smiles are precious.