Monday, November 2, 2015

Not a Halloween Post

Do you know what I'm waiting on right now? Almost 2 terabytes of photos and videos to be backed up to my second backup, so then I can take the photos from my second backup and put them onto my first backup, then wipe my laptop, so I can download photos from my camera onto it. It's a curse to have such an obsession with documenting everything. Too many photos, too many videos. I have a few friends who kind of just go with it, hardly ever photographing anything. I look at them wistfully, often wishing I was more like that. And I think back to the pre-digital age and remember what it was like- we sure loved disposable cameras and it was kind of nice in a way- 28 photos (or 30? I forget), and you had that one camera for one night. If you're taking a photo of yourself (what's a selfie, back then anyway?!), well you get one shot because this little camera needs to last all night long. It was nice. But now we'll do something like walk to get the mail and I'll have 50 photos to choose from. It's sick, just sick. I'm half kidding about this, but I bet you know what I mean. Even though I hope you don't, for your sake.

So that, my friends, is why I have no Halloween photos to share yet. Soon yes, but today is not that day. Instead I thought I would just write to write. So here we are.

I was thinking the other day about how sometimes things change then all of a sudden you realize something is different but you maybe didn't even notice it happening. Have you ever experienced this? That's where I am right now with myself. As a reader maybe you noticed, or maybe you didn't, but over the past couple of years I've been doing so much work on myself. So much that the work I was doing just became part of my everyday- the things I was focusing on became a part of me, which has been wonderful. Then the other day I had this situation come up, something happened where before I would have felt so weird and anxious, but you know what? It wasn't a big deal. You guys, I could have cried. It feels so good to finally, finally be in a place where I realize that when others behave poorly, that it has more to do with their relationship with themselves, than to do with me. And to not only realize this but to truly believe this to be true. Very thankful to have had such an a-ha moment and to be able to all of a sudden see how far I've come.

Okay and in totally separate news, I've had teaching on my mind so much lately. I think it's because all of my teacher friends have been so vocal on social media lately with this whole bond thing in our town, but it's made me miss it so much. I don't miss the testing and the meetings and all the other stuff outside of the classroom but the stuff inside the classroom? Oh man. My heart has such a tug in it sometimes to think about being able to talk about The Crucible 5x a day. And no, I'm not kidding. American Lit is my favorite. Maybe one day I'll go back, when the boys are in high school themselves and I want to keep tabs on them. ;) For now though I'll have to be content to just revisit old favorite books.

Finally- did you see my Instagram post earlier tonight about the children's book I wrote? I'm so excited you guys- it's been hard not to talk about it but now that I'm done and I don't really know what to do next I thought it would be good to reach out. I've gotten some GREAT advice already and it looks like my next step is to find an agent. AH! It sounds crazy to even type that out. I hope one day soon I can come back to this post and bookmark it as the "before." So if you've been there and have any advice, feel free to email me. I would love to talk to you!

See you back here tomorrow...for Halloween photos!



  1. You sound a lot like me. I've spent years working on self-improvement and it's pretty amazing when those things you once has to struggle to face are now just instinctive. I've had a few a-ha moments over the years and like you, most of them revolve around how I respond to others. Things that would have been a big deal, stressful, and caused me a lot of anxiety in the past aren't so dramatic these days. Life's too short to waste it feeling like that, so I just wish those people the best and go on my own way with no qualms.

    I also used to have an unhealthy obsession with documenting everything. Over this past year, and even more so over the past few months I've been slowly withdrawing from the online realm and all the oversharing, and not surprisingly, it's helped a lot with my obsessive compulsion to capture and document everything as well. By leaving the camera behind now and then, or limiting my picture-taking to just 5-10 minutes, I've really been able to experience a new level of PRESENCE in my life. I think it can be hard for some of us to find a good balance, making sure we preserve this precious memories while also making sure we're an active part in making those memories. I'm actually typing up a farewell post for my own blog, partially for this very reason - I want to invest more fully in being present in this season of life with my family. Other reasons as well, but that's the main one.

  2. This is slightly off-topic (although I loved this post, btw), but I'd love to know your method of photo organization. How you label files/folders, etc. I'm in the process of organizing all my photos (which got a bit out of hand, yikes), and would love some tips if you're ever in the mood to share!

    Also, congrats on completing your children's book - that's amazing! Good luck with everything. :)

  3. I would be super interested to see a post about how you organize your photos! I too am a chronic over-documenter, and the photos pile up so quickly. If you were interested in sharing I think a post on your organizing/backing up/editing flow would be a super helpful read!

  4. It is so true, it is more to do with the persons mood than what you did, don't make the fundamental attribution error

  5. Congrats on the children's book. That is HUGE! Cant wait to hear more about it! :) Also, I feel your pain about backing up all the photos. I still haven't transferred thousands over from my old computer... :/

    Anyway, hope you're having a happy Monday! :)