Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Summer in the Fall | Our East Coast Trip 2015: Massachusetts

Do you guys remember when we went on a month and a half long trip this past May-June? I barely do- it feels like a lifetime ago. I have SO many photos from that trip though, and I've been meaning to share them for what feels like forever. It felt so daunting at first, because I had thousands of photographs to sort through, but I finally got it done and now the fun part is here! Sharing! We visited five different states, and I'll be sharing the trip via five different posts, over the next month or two. I'll start off with our time in Massachusetts.

As I shared our trip on Instagram, I got a ton of questions there and via comments and email like, how on Earth were you able to take a month+ long trip? Don't you work? Doesn't your husband work? How did you do this with two kids (three if you count Lucy)? Are you crazy?

So, here are some answers in case you're curious too! Working remotely allows me to work from wherever I may be, which lends itself nicely to things like month long trips. However, Hank does not work remotely, so he was only able to join us for about 8 days, which was way too short. He chose to come for our always-favorite part of our East Coast trips, Vermont! And then I got lots of comments like, "How did the boys do?" "How did you stay sane being away from home for that long!" The boys travel pretty often, so they were just fine. Some days were harder than others but overall that wasn't bad at all. Plus, my parents and sister were there the entire time so I actually had more "help" than I typically do at home. Henry and Charlie were in heaven being around so many people they love, and it was really nice to be able to be together for so long. But honestly and truly if you asked me to do this again I would maybe hesitate! For me it was way too long to be away from home, and by the end I was going slightly crazy dreaming of my own bed...but like childbirth you kind of forget the pain so I think I could still be persuaded to do it again if you caught me in a certain mood. ;)

We started off our trip in Salem, Massachusetts, a favorite destination for our family. We've been many times and I can't wait to plan a trip for an upcoming Halloween- I feel like that would just be the ultimate. I've heard that some people find it to be too touristy, and maybe it is, but I love it all the same. Between our family ties and my deep love for all things The Crucible, it's just such a fascinating place for me. The history is amazing, and if you haven't been, do yourself a favor and go! The homes, the's all really really neat and will always hold a special place in my heart. We stayed at the Salem Inn, in the yellow house down the street that's part of the Inn. Very cool. While there we also got to spend time with my wonderful cousin Matt and his girlfriend, and also meet up with my longtime blog friends Rachel and Don, and their sweet daughter. It was SO amazing to finally hug them after all of these years- and in the funny way it sometimes goes, it felt like we were the oldest friends, getting to meet up for the 100th time. I wish we all lived closer.

Some things I never want to forget: ALL of the stairs and ALL of our luggage...serious comedy. Henry taking a stand against lobsters, walking through Gloucester with everyone, ice cream whenever possible, all of the delicious seafood, and early morning runs with my sister.

And now, photos! If you have any specific questions about things to do or see, let me know too- I'm happy to answer!

I hope you enjoy this bit of summer, in the fall! More to come next week. xoxo


  1. Mudge is a name on my mom's side and some of our relatives way back when were tried as witches in Salem! I wonder if Nancy is a long lost relative of mine!

  2. I attend college in Massachusetts! I love it. I actually go to school in Springfield but I'm transferring up to Cambridge in January. I've been to Salem on Halloween and it's so great!! It's definitely packed and super touristy so the amount of people was kind of a downside, but it was such a fun time. I think I would do it again!