Thursday, November 19, 2015

Weekend Links

Happy weekend! Here are some links from around the web this week. Enjoy!

All about selfies. A good read.

These boots (pictured above) have made their way onto many of my friends feet. Not my pair- they got their own. And the consensus? LOVE.

I Was A Fundamentalist Christian Until I Discovered Feminist Writers...

Have you read Reese Witherspoon's speech on ambition? If you haven't check it out.

Why I Provide Abortions.

Winter wishlist: a winter scarf, a fun pair of boots, and a cute statement coat.

9 habits of highly effective restaurants.

On my salad radar: one and two.

Almost done with this book!

Loved seeing these cute pics of my Nashville trip over on Elsie's blog.

Question: why does the shaming and harassment of women always go viral?

Sad that this is reality: When Violence Becomes a Teen Meme.

The internet is what you make it.

Thanksgiving advice from our elders!

And finally, have you heard of Vocal Fry? I hadn't until my friend Alex sent this to me!



  1. Wow, you definitely had me clicking on every single one of these. Can't wait to hear how your book is, absolutely adored that Buzzfeed article, and I love Reese's speech xxx

  2. This is a good spoken word response to some of the critiques of how young women speak

  3. Hi there :) Question about the boots; do they run true to size or do you feel you had to buy up a size. Ordering online.

    1. These boots do run true to size!