Thursday, November 12, 2015

What's in my bag..

I always love these "what's in my bag" posts and when my new Fawn Design bag arrived a few weeks ago I knew I wanted to do one. First of all, I have to say how much I LOVE this gorgeous bag. The leather is so soft and supple (supple is such a weird word, right?) and the gold hardware is perfect. It's billed as a diaper bag, but I hardly use it as one, since I typically don't carry diapers anyway. Charlie is on the cusp of being out of diapers so sometimes I'll throw one in my bag just in case. But for everyday use this bag is perfect. I love that it's a backpack, and every single time I wear it out, I get stopped with compliments and questions. It's that good!

So, here's what's in my bag!

1. Claire V pouch- this is where I keep wipes and dipes as we like to call them. I almost always have a little pack of wipes with me because they can be used for everything, and even though Charlie will soon be out of diaper world I always seem to have one stuffed in there anyway.

2. Free People beanie- I always, always have a hat in my bag in the Fall/Winter. I like to be able to throw it on if I get cold (which is often), or on a day I don't feel like doing my hair. This one in particular is a favorite of mine from last year.

3. Books- you can bet that there are at least two kids books in my bag at anytime. Although I'm not against kids using technology, we really try to avoid it whenever we can, especially at restaurants and in waiting rooms. So I try to have some fun books on hand I can pull out for entertainment, and to keep the boys happy.

4. Makeup bag- I don't keep much in here outside of lip stuff (usually a gloss and balm), sunglasses, and always a bar of some sort. I'm typically running around with the boys all day long and it's so nice to have a quick snack on hand. I will also usually have some almonds or a couple other bars for the kids too, but didn't have any in there today.

5. iPhone 6S+ - I just got this new pretty thing when it released and I'm in love. It's really big but it's the perfect phone for someone like me, who uses it primarily for photo taking (the camera is bananas!) and photo viewing!

6. MBMJ Wallet- I've had this wallet for a few years now and it's still in perfect condition. I love the color too- I haven't seen it used for too many things and it's such a nice fun pop to my typically neutral stuff (see similar wallets here).

7. And Kindle- I always have this with me, for obvious reasons. Now that my phone is bigger I should really try to utilize the Kindle app since this one is a little heavy, but I haven't gotten into reading on my phone yet. And p.s., I'm reading this right now and loving it!

So that's what's in my bag!

IMPORTANT SIDE NOTE! The boots pictured are some I got from Rack Room Shoes for an upcoming post (Monday!). You guys, I can't tell you enough how amazing these boots are. They're identical to the Sam Edelman Petty boots but for a fraction of the cost ($45!), and I think they're actually cuter because they're not as pointy. I'm a 6.5/7 and the 6.5 fit perfectly. They're very comfortable too. Go get yourself some! If I didn't get these in partnership for the post I would STILL be shouting this to the rooftops because I have been searching for a Petty substitute forever, and these are them.


Bag c/o Fawn Design
Boots c/o Rack Room Shoes
Top: Topshop via Nordstrom (<---direct link to shirt)
Rug c/o Land of Nod (stay tuned for our playroom makeover reveal coming soon!)


  1. Definitely a gorgeous bag. I love reading posts like this, too. Everyone's answers are so different xx haha

  2. The reason I always buy big purses is so that I can tote around one or two books, PLUS my Kindle too! You never know when you'll have a moment to read.

  3. Well dang, the bag is sold out 😔 But thanks for sharing, it's beautiful!
    I have been following you on Instagram for about a year now, and I know you're a runner so I have a quick question for you?? Is there an app you use to track your runs? Is there a music app you prefer to play your music on a long run??

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