Monday, December 21, 2015

Family Adventuring on Instagram in 2016!

2015 was full of a lot of travel and adventure for our family. From New York to Maine to Vancouver to Park City, we were all over the map. I grew up traveling a lot, Hank and I always traveled before kids, and it's always been important for us to keep that tradition going with the boys. I feel like no matter what we plan- a huge trip somewhere far away (next month we'll be taking the boys out of the country for the first time!), or somewhere close to home for a mini day trip, one of the coolest feelings in the world is that pre-trip anticipation. Planning where we'll go, how we'll get there...the journey there is half the fun! And then being able to BE in the places we were so excited about, with nothing on the agenda except exploring and enjoying family time...there really is nothing better.

I think back to being a kid, getting ready for trips with my family. I can remember leaving the house, backing out of the driveway, my face pressed to the glass as I watched our yellow house fade into the distance as the road opened up before us. What was out there? What was next? I always loved not knowing, and the flutters in my stomach as I daydreamed about where we were headed. Then getting there- the car ride, a plane maybe, the hotels, the new food...all wrapped up into one amazing package that I still get butterflies over today. New and exciting. A break from the regular.

And now as we move into 2016 I am so incredibly thrilled to announce a partnership with Alamo and share that I (along with a handful of other family travelers), will be sharing our experiences on their social channels, and creating a go-to hub for all of your travel needs. Alamo's Instagram will be the place for travel inspiration and community as we share bits from our world, with all of Alamo's. It will be chock full of tips, ideas for traveling with little ones, great photos, fun thing so do in locations all over...the list goes on. I can't wait!

I'm so looking forward to a really exciting 2016, full of memory-making travel and exciting family times. And I am equally as excited to share it all with you! Follow along here, and I'll be sharing my first photos over on their Instagram very soon.

Below are a few photos I grabbed from travels big and small with the boys- I loved looking through these. Enjoy! xoxo


  1. Beautiful photos.. Cute family <3 follow you on Pinterest.

  2. I love that photo of you and Charlie on the beach. It makes my heart happy. Adventures and trips are SO much fun and I adore all the feelings they give you. My sister and brother in law live in Maine now and it is so cool to go and visit them. ME was one of the places I always wanted to visit but never thought it would happen because duh I'd never have a reason. Then BAM 2014 hit and my sister and bro in law were asked to move out there for some church things and they felt they were called to do that and now I have a place to visit in ME and not too far from the OCEAN. Blows my mind. I also got to take my first trip alone in August. I was going through a nasty broken heart, rejection & depression(still am actually) and my Nashville trip had been cancelled in June and I needed something special and amazing. So I texted my best friend Ashley (we met through blogging & talk every single day) and I was like, "Hey how would you like me to come visit Atlanta for a short weekend the last weekend in August as a birthday present to myself so we can finally meet each other in person?" and she was all, "sure!" So I had to finally talk to my family about my blog friends, which they didn't know about, and I had to go through the process of booking my first flight ever and all that planning but man it was so awesome. And the feeling of getting to look forward to that? I loved every second. It was the first time I had ever been on an airplane and I am a super anxious person but honestly? I loved flying. I really enjoyed it and actually felt calm and peace and enjoyed my window seat to the fullest. It was the only trip I've ever taken alone, my only time ever on an airplane and then I got to meet Ashley for the first time ever! My first blog meetup as well. It was just a short weekend but I adored every second of my time and getting to hang out with her and celebrate the weekend before my 23rd birthday. I fell in love with Atlanta and I desperately want to go back. Those traveling feelings they just fill you with so much goodness that you could almost burst from all of the bravery and dreams coming true and hope. Gah. I adore it. Which is probably why I wrote three blog posts about my Atlanta trip even though it was only Friday night through Sunday afternoon...haha but I didn't want to forget any details!

    Oh gracious. I have babbled like a crazy person haha. SEE?! Traveling does make you a giddy crazy person just thinking about it! Anywho I will shut up now! Adore all your photos and loved getting to see all the adventures that you had this year traveling around. Everything was so beautiful and so is your family.