Friday, January 22, 2016

Summertime in the Winter

We're heading to the Caribbean in just a few days and it's been really fun to plan for warm weather, even though we've been in the thick of some cold and snow! So for today's Weekend Links post, I wanted to share some of the things I'm packing for our little getaway. Enjoy!

I'm bringing this hat (pictured above), which will be a staple in my wardrobe this spring and summer!

Joie sandals (also above) are a must-have for me.

I also can't ever not bring my Birkenstocks. The Arizonas are my favorite.

Bathing suits: this one and this one! And these are my favorite bottoms to mix and match.

I wish all of my beachwear could be lemlem.

This dress will be packed in my suitcase, and this one too!

My favorite one-piece swimsuits.

Do you get seasick? I do, and it's bad! I usually just avoid the boating portions when on the ocean, but I don't want to miss out this year so I'm trying these bands. Has anyone had any luck with them?

The boys both have a pair of these in tan.

I picked up a couple of these tanks to pair with denim shorts.

These are Hank's go-to swim shorts. I love them because they're not super long- shorter but not too short, and he says they're super comfy.

Do you have a favorite sunscreen? I use this one, but I would love to find a more natural choice. Suggestions welcome!

Any of these sunglasses, please!

And finally, some more cute summer dresses: one, two, and three.



  1. Love the dress pictures -- such pretty detailing! Have a beautiful trip and escape from the snow!

  2. I am a huge fan of this sunscreen...and I live in Florida with very pale, easily sunburned skin!

  3. Oooh now I'm keen for a getaway with my boys!! Enjoy! x

  4. I'm loving the B/W top/dress (?) in the photo ... do you have a link? Thanks - getting ready for a Caribbean getaway next month. READY for some sun!
    -Brandy M

  5. Love the swimsuits! Sun bum is my fav sunscreen brand. They have chopsticks too!

  6. Please consider using reef safe sunscreen! This is an option:

  7. Lovely links, have a good time!! Going to somewhere warm during the winter always throws me off, but it's such a nice change especially if that winter is a tough one.

    xo, Alice || a l i c e / T Y P E N U

  8. I have used the sea bands and they seem to work. I don't get motion sick often...I fly often, work in a helicopter, love fast rides. But, there is something about cruise ships that make me sick. These worked!

  9. I've been looking at the hat for a trip in February. It seemed a little strange that the part around the head is a lighter weaver and more transparent than the brim and I couldn't tell if I would like it or not. Does it look okay in person?

  10. I get so motion sick! Sea bands have helped a lot. I usually also take Bonine (non drowsy) - my cocktail of choice ;)