Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Hello, From Over Here!

You know what Valentine's Day reminds me of? My Dad. Every year he would always get my sister and me something special- a little stuffed animal, a box of chocolate, and a card always, so today I think of him most of all, which makes me happy. And you know what else today reminds me of? Arizona! Did you know that today is Arizona's birthday? It's true. And it's funny how much I have fallen in LOVE with this great state. It was kind of a reluctant thing for me, and maybe if you've been following me for a long time you've noticed that. I always have a tendency to hold onto things I love, and then romanticize them a little bit I think. I have always done that with my beloved East Coast childhood, and for so long I felt that nothing could ever compare to that part of the country. But guess what? Arizona beats it. I love it here, and may have taken me moving back up north after college and then really accepting it as my home...but I'm here, and loving it. Happy birthday, AZ!

Today was a great day. Family time, hiking, and Veronica and Max had their annual Valentine's Party. On days like this though I can't help but be reminded of how fast time goes. I swear, it feels like yesterday that Henry was a tiny baby at Max's Valentine party, and now he's FIVE and feels so grown up to me.

And speaking of grown up, can you believe he's starting kindergarten next year? It's just shocking. How did this get here so quickly? Also I bet if you put that phrase into the search bar of this blog you'll probably find it 100x- such a theme of parenting (and this blog!), right? With my big kid getting so BIG I've been thinking a lot about what I share of him online. I'm sure you've already noticed how much I DON'T share about him, or really either of the boys. I used to post so much about them and what they're up to, developmentally as a baby and then as they became toddlers, big kids, etc...but over the past year or so I've really just tried to cool it even more. I think I've struck a good balance, I share some things (like the bed transition post), but overall I feel like I am very mindful of the things I put out there about them. It's always on my mind though- is it still too much? Do you guy think about this too, with your own little ones? I've written about this numerous times, but as the boys get older the topic always feels new again. I'd love to hear your input.

So what else is new? For me, life is BUSY. But in a good, happy way. Before the new year I thought a lot about how I could slow down, but I realize now things are crazier than ever between family stuff and our travels and work. So I've kind of just been accepting that this is the way it goes, and I don't mind. It's almost like I felt like I was supposed to slow down or something, but in reality I don't feel like I need to or want to. As I get older I'm beginning to realize that this is just my normal, and how I like it. So very busy yes, but I'm grateful for it. 

Are you guys still reading blogs? I was just looking through my Bloglovin' and noticed that I probably read about six blogs. How funny is that? I used to read maybe 40-50. Most of those blogs don't exist anymore or post once in a blue moon, but for some odd reason this was the first time I really noticed how much the blog world has changed. Is it non-existent now? Do you still read as many? 

Okay. It's 9:51pm and my big goal for the week is to get to the gym early each morning. I am a million times more productive when I get it out of the way first thing, so I'm aiming to go to bed before 10 each night so I can wake up feeling rested. I'm pushing it a little late tonight, so let's hope I can fall asleep quickly.

Thanks for reading, sweet friends. I appreciate you and hope you had the best Valentine's Day! 



  1. I try not to post too much about my kid, it was easier to post when she was younger but she's her own person now and her story isn't mine to tell, my story is. I think you stake a great balance. x

    1. That's exactly what I always say- their stories aren't mine to tell at this age. And thanks lady! xoxo

  2. I sure hope the blog world hasn't changed that much and that people are still reading them considering I just started one! How early is early for you to go to the gym? I work at a gym actually and I get here at 5AM. It's always shocking to me how many people will roll out of bed to get here THAT early! Happy belated Valentine's Day :)

  3. I definitely feel people are losing interest in blogs. I've noticed readership for many high traffic blogs has gone down signicantly. It's sad, but I definitely feel it has a lot to do with the bloggers themselves. When things change, readers become disinterested.

  4. I will say that personally, I only read like 3 "blogs" when I used to have a Google RSS Feed that I would follow like 30 or so. It's mostly because I just wanted to simplify how much time I spend reading online and just what I subscribe to in particular. I subscribe to less than a handful of newsletters now when I used to have all these different e-mails popping up all the time. I like to have a few select writers that I LOVE and that inspire me, but also not feel bombarded with things I have to "catch up" on. I think Instagram has helped with that too because I'm able to get exposed to all these different ideas and perspectives, but much less time consuming.