Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Weekend in Breckenridge

Before I even dive into details from the weekend, I have to say...Colorado people: I truly fell in love with your beautiful state, and especially Breckenridge! I would now consider Breck (can I call it that, or is it like calling San Francisco San Fran?!) one of the best places I've ever been. I'm so in love and can't wait to go back.

I headed out to Colorado to celebrate one of my best friend's birthdays. Alana turned the big 3-4 that weekend, and decided to gather some of her friends together for a celebration her way...on the mountain! Her sister's girlfriend was also celebrating a birthday, so we all rented a big house right in the heart of Breckenridge. Alana recently moved to Colorado to spend the season skiing and she and the rest of the crew are very talented skiers and snowboarders. Me...not so much. I haven't been on a snowboard in years, but I figured after a lesson I would feel comfortable again.

Brenda and I arrived in Denver on Friday and Alana picked us up from the airport. We headed downtown and popped into True Food Kitchen for lunch. Have you ever been? It's one of my favorites. We have one in Scottsdale, and whenever I'm able to make it in I never regret it. This time I got the turkey burger with the kale salad (my fave salad!) and a green juice. Afterward we walked around downtown Denver, shopped a bit, and I probably said "I love this city!" more than a few times.

Pretty soon Melissa arrived and we headed over to the airport to scoop her up and make the drive up to Breckenridge. It was SUCH a beautiful drive up- the mountains were covered in snow and I was totally in such a happy place, surrounded by friends and good music! By the time we made it up there it was getting late, so we dropped our stuff and headed out to Mi Casa for tacos and margaritas! Alana and Melissa had been there before, but I also got a ton of recommendations for it on IG, and for good reason- everything was delicious. The margaritas were excellent, and definitely warmed us up in the 0ยบ weather. Afterward we headed home and met up with the rest of our housemates, then went to bed semi-early in preparation for a long day on the mountain the next day.

We got up around 7am and I spent Saturday with my snowboard instructor and group on Peak 9, and had a good day filled with lots of time on my butt...but also a lot of time going down the mountain feeling really great. Since everyone else was on double freaking black diamond, I came from green and we all met up for drinks and snacks after, then headed back to the house to hop in the hot tub before we went out for the evening. And ohhh, what an evening we had! We spent most of our night at Cecilia's on the dance floor and it was so much fun.

The next day was the Super Bowl, and Bren and I decided to skip the mountain and instead workout at the Breckenridge Rec Center, then spend our day shopping and eating downtown. A huge highlight was our stop at Mary's Mountain Cookies. Delicious! I think my favorite of all the cookies we tried was the Salted Caramel Chocolate Chip. So good. After our day downtown we went back to the house (we took the free shuttle everywhere that weekend) and started getting ready for our little Super Bowl party.

I was extra excited to be watching the game IN Colorado, since the Broncos were playing, and it was just as fun as I had hoped it would be. Everyone, everywhere was totally decked out and spirits were so high all weekend. We ended up watching at home with our big group, then Alana, Bren, Melissa and I went out at halftime to finish watching at Ollie's, which was the BEST decision. When the Broncos won it was INSANE! I'm not even a Broncos fan but I felt so emotional with everyone so pumped and excited. "We are the Champions" played on repeat, and the entire downtown became a huge celebration. It was a truly epic night!

The rest of the weekend flew on by, and the next day we picked up Hank in Denver (he had been there visiting his friends too!) and headed to the airport. A whirlwind trip in the best kind of way, and the perfect birthday celebration for Alana.

The photos below were all taken with my iPhone...and they're making me officially miss beautiful Colorado.



  1. Oh it looks incredible! What a great weekend xxx

  2. If there was a Bucket List for Breckenridge it seems like you hit almost everything! I did see one exception. Did you get to eat at the Crepe place on Main Street? They have a little gas fire pit right outside the shack and its right next to the Starbucks. If you missed it that's okay save that for another trip. It seems you will be back again and again.

  3. That is an excellent recommendation Mike. Hadn't ever been before mut my bf took me 3 weeks ago when we were up there. SOOOOO GOOOD!!!
    love the post on your trip to breck! :)