Sunday, February 21, 2016

Our Trip to the Caribbean, Part One

Last month my mother-in-law turned the big 6-0, and to celebrate she took the whole family to St. Thomas for a little island time. We'd never been to this part of the world so we weren't too sure what to expect, but any expectations we had were definitely blown was beautiful, especially considering we were in the middle of winter!

The whole time I felt overwhelmed with gratitude to be able to spend so much quality time with some of my favorite people, in such an insanely gorgeous setting. My sister-in-law lives in Austin with her partner, so it was beyond special to be able to have a whole week together, especially since they had just gotten engaged while visiting us the previous month. I'll have to write more about that later, but I'm so excited to gain another sister in my life! :)

We stayed here, and spent most of our days right there at the resort. The beaches were perfect, and they offered all sorts of activities from boating to stand up paddle boarding to snorkeling. On one of our last days my in laws chartered a catamaran and took us out for the day to a few different snorkel spots. Henry had never really snorkeled before and he was hooked! I was so surprised with how quickly he picked it up. For some reason I imagined it would be quite difficult for him (the breathing especially) but he was immediately good to go and spent hours and hours swimming around the coral reefs.

I have SO many photos to share, and I'll be back tomorrow with part two, and a list of my favorite parts of the trip, but until's the first batch, all taken with my iPhone and GoPro.

Also, in case you're curious, here are some sources for the items we have on:

Joie Sandals
Patagonia Hat
Birkenstock Arizona Sandals
Gigi Pip hat
BB Dakota Dress (white with embroidery)
Free People Jean Shorts
Bikini top
Bikini bottom

Patagonia swim trunks
Rainbow sandals

Gap rashguard
Floral baseball hat
Water shoes
Saltwater Sandals

Gap rashguard
REI tan bucket hat
Water shoes
Saltwater sandals

Enjoy! I can't wait to share the second half tomorrow! xo


  1. This is amazing! I've never seen such clear water. Looking at these pictures while it's freezing here in Boston is really making me want some sun and warmth!

  2. These are so gorgeous! My gf and I started researching trips to the Virginia Islands after I followed along with this trip on IG. We went to that Bahamas last July for our anniversary and it was gorgeous...but really boring. We're VERY active people who'd never traveled before and didn't know that when you go to an all-inclusive resort you should plan on just hanging out. That's not really our MO. You mention you stayed at the resort most of the time...but were there many options for exploring the island on your own/outside of the resort? That's a big criteria for our next vacation...

  3. We're having 50-60 degree temps in northern Nevada, which is a heat wave for this time of year, but my goodness this looks inviting.

  4. To be a complete pain in the ass, do you mind sharing the settings you have on your GoPro for photography? I'd super appreciate it!