Monday, February 29, 2016

Working Mom Travel Essentials

If you've been following along for awhile, you've probably noticed that there's been a major shift in my life. Over the past five years or so. I've gone from high school English teacher, to stay-at-home Mom, to a full-time work-from-home Mom who travels for work quite a bit. It's been a whirlwind, and in 2015 I was flying about 2-3x a month. With all of that travel, at times I found it hard to eat the way I wanted to. I could try my best, but nothing compares to being able to cook delicious, nutritious food at home. So I did the best I could- I took multi-vitamins and supplements, but I always felt like I was missing something.

This year though, with even more travel on the horizon, I knew I needed something better that would help me fill in the gaps on the go. I've been taking the OLLY sleep supplement since last year, and the boys love the kids' gummies, but it wasn't until I switched over to their new OLLY Superfoods Multi that I started to feel a difference. The OLLY Superfoods include SO much goodness, and foods I wouldn't normally be able to get in a day of travel- things like elderberry, watercress, and tamarind (plus 7 more)!

So now when I'm on the go I take these delicious little vitamins with me (you can get them online at OR in any Target store!). And a major plus is that since taking them, my skin has been next level glowy. Yay! OLLY Superfoods have a permanent space in my suitcase, (and medicine cabinet at home, too), and I'm very pleased with how wonderful and energetic I've been feeling. With a husband, kids, dog, regular everyday life and then trying to work and travel things can get a little hectic, so anything I can do to simplify is key. And I love how you’re actually getting two products in one with these– all your daily vitamins and minerals, PLUS unique antioxidants not found in standard multivitamins.

And here are a few more travel essentials I love:

A comfy scarf for flying. I started always bringing a big, comfy scarf with me this past year when I got this, and I'll never go back. It works as a traditional scarf, pillow, hood, blanket, whatever I need.

A cord bag. When I first started traveling I would kind of just shove things into my bag haphazardly, but now I have designated spots for each thing. A cord bag is imperative, so all of my chargers are in one place for easy access.

Extra juice. I have this travel charger and it's life changing. It holds a full 6 iPhone charges, and I never leave for a trip without it. I'm no longer a slave to those charging stations at the airport, and I can work on the go without fear of my phone dying by the time I get to my destination. I also brought one of these on a recent backpacking trip and it kept my phone going for four days. Amazing.

Birkenstocks and socks. Some of you may be saying...what? And past versions of myself are also confused. But really, when I'm not traveling to a super cold climate, this is my favorite way to travel. Outside of runnings shoes Birks are the comfiest shoes I have, but who wants to fly in sandals? I'm always cold, so bare toes are a no go for me, so I will just wear the sandals, then pop on the socks on the plane. It's quick and easy to just slide sandals off through security too.

Mac Fix+. This is my favorite way to refresh after a long flight. I bring the travel size when I fly and spray it on my face once we land. It totally wakes up any makeup I may have on and refreshes my face. I love it!

And p.s. visit to subscribe to get your OLLY vitamins delivered conveniently to your home or office. Sometimes Sweet readers get 20% off their first subscription of any OLLY products with the code SUPER20. Expires 3/30/16, so hurry!

This post was shared in partnership with OLLY. Thanks for reading! xo


  1. Nice. I've been looking for a multi-vitamin but was hoping for a legit recommendation from someone that I trusted rather than just taking a shot in the dark at the drug store. :)

  2. The food on work trips is one of the things I struggle with too! I've started buying small bowls of granola and milk to keep in the hotel fridge with some fruit and at least start the day right. Vitamins are a great idea too. Will have to remember to pack them next time x