Thursday, March 24, 2016

5 Beauty Products to Make You Glow!

Today I wanted to share a few of my must-have beauty items, that really help achieve that glowy look. I am not huge on makeup- I love looking fresh faced and dewey though- and I think all of the below items really help me get there.

1. So Kate Somerville products are new to me, but I've been using them for a few months and I'm in love. Yes, they're a little pricier but I can't say enough good things about everything I've tried. Well worth it, if you ask me. ;)  I'll discuss more about my updated everyday skincare routine at a later date, but this exfoliator is a huge part of it. I use it every three nights or so, and it really makes a big difference in my skin. I feel like it sets the stage for my products to work better, and just allows everything to look a little fresher. There's quite a few to choose from, but I use the Exfolikate Gentle Exfoliating Treatment, and my sensitive skin hasn't reacted to it at all. Zero irritation, zero breakouts. She also makes an exfoliator for acne-prone skin, but this one has been a good choice for me! It is $65 for 2 oz., which I know is expensive, but I've been using it for a few months with no signs of needing a new one. I use a small amount, maybe a nickel-sized squeeze, and it's worked well for me. Highly recommend.

2/3. I used Laura Mercier makeup years ago, but then fell into using drugstore brands and got hooked on the Almay TLC foundation I used to wear all the time. I never minded the foundation, but I never really loved it. Then one day while talking with Sarah she brought up Laura Mercier products, so next time I was at the mall I went to the Laura counter and got color matched. I'm someone who HATES trying new face products- I feel like I'm so prone to breakouts that if something doesn't work with my skin I'll be dealing with it for weeks, so it's really something I try to avoid. The Almay didn't make me breakout (or so I thought), but my skin was just "eh" with it. So I got color matched for the Oil Free Tinted Moisturizer (I wear Bisque) and the woman suggested I get the Oil Free Foundation Primer with it also. I got both, and I'm SO happy with them. The tinted moisturizer has SPF 20 in it, and the two together give me such a fresh face. After months of using both products I haven't noticed any irritation or extra breakouts outside of the one-two I get during that time of the month. I feel like they actually help my skin look better, and I've been just so happy with both products. For night's out I use this LM foundation, and use the same primer underneath.

4. Becca Highlighter. Okay, let me just NEED this. If you get one thing from this post, buy this. It's hands down my favorite beauty item and totally gives you a beautiful glow. I've posted about this numerous times on this blog but I'll say it again, you will love this. I put some on a brush and apply it on my cheekbones, temples, above my brows, the bridge of my nose, and my Cupid's Bow. Basically everywhere! ;) The one I specifically love is Golden Opal Pearl.

5. This is my favorite bronzer, in Skinny Dip. I used to always avoid bronzers because I prefer to look non-sun kissed, but now I really feel like I need a little bit of color. This is perfect, and gives just enough of a sunny look without looking fake. I apple it anywhere the sun would give me a little glow, and before I know it, I look fresh and like I just had a mini-vacation.

Let me know if you have any fun products to add to this list, too.


ps. Get my tee here. ALSO I should I add I drink 3+ of these babies a day...that's where the real glow comes from! ;)


  1. Since I started working from home, I don't wear makeup all that often. I still love something on my face to feel fresh, though, and like I care about what's going on. Therefore I've been searching for a tinted moisturizer that doesn't feel greasy. I'm going to give this oil-free one a shot. Thanks!

  2. The drink link isn't working for me...:(
    What were they? ;)

  3. your skin is really nice! I would like to try the products you are using!

  4. The entire Glossier skincare line is my Holy Grail.

  5. I love Benefit high beam. It's a liquid highlighter and it's amazing. It gives your face a great glow without looking oily.

    Edye //

  6. I've always been intrigued by Laura Mercier makeup but have never tried anything because the whole color matching deal stresses me out! I also have cranky skin, so it's good to know you didn't have any adverse reactions. I might have to finally check the brand out!

  7. Do you use the perfecting brush with the Becca shimmer?