Monday, March 21, 2016

Simplifying Your Closet: Part Two

If you missed part one, head here to read that post first. 

Simplifying can feel SO good, right? But if you don't fix your mindset about "stuff," things won't ever change (self, I'm talking to you!). I used to be someone who almost collected clothes. My closet grew and grew over the years, full of all sorts of things from all different seasons of my life. I hated to part with something because- what if I needed to wear it again?! But it was absolutely no fun going into my closet though, or even getting dressed. I had so many choices but I didn't particularly LOVE much of it. Luckily as the years have gone by I've gravitated towards quality over quantity in all aspects of my life. My closet was probably the last to fall in line, but it happened, and it was only once I fully embraced that mentality did my issues with overbuying commence.

Now I ask myself- WHY am I buying this? I ask questions like- could I see myself wearing this in a year? Two years? Does it fit well into my closet? Does it fill a gap on my list? And then I buy accordingly.

So, here are the next steps that I followed/follow to simplify my closet, continuing from part one:

5) Go through your closet one more time.

Once you get to the point where you feel like you've gotten rid of most everything you don't want, take EVERYTHING back out of your closet. Go back look at your "need list." Go through the list again, hanging things back up and rechecking them off.

When you're done you should be left with NOTHING on your bed or floor, or wherever you decided to do the purge. This is because you're a totally perfect human who is capable of letting things go, right? haha. No, you probably have a ton left because it's very hard to get rid of items you once loved, or at least liked for a moment in a store. ;) Go through these extra items again, noting the questions in #3, and if you STILL can't let go of something, but it doesn't really fit into your current vision/need list, hang it in a special area of your closet- we can call this purgatory. I had a section like this for a good two years, and eventually I realized no matter how hard I tried, those clothes were just not going to get worn. So eventually they were phased out. Side note: these are the hangers we have and I love them. Highly recommend!

6) Rebuild.

At this point should be left with just items you need. Now comes the fun part: rebuilding your closet to be exactly what you want, full of only things you love. Look at your list again and circle the items that haven't yet been checked off, and make a new list with the circled items. It's probably pretty unreasonable to purchase everything at once, so prioritize what you need now and go from there. Maybe you can afford to buy one nice item a that! Save for things you love and want, things you'll most likely always like, and it's absolutely worth it to spend a little more. There are a few things I want to note though- this might sound silly but I find so much joy in new workout gear that this is one area I will always have a lot of. I wear workout clothes/activewear everyday so even if this is just me enabling myself having too many running shorts and tanks, I'm going to justify the hell out of those two drawers full of Lulu-happiness! ;) Another thing is that I do love to switch things up with fresh new items every season. The dress in the front of the pile (see it here) is one item I picked up recently (in both colors), but rather than go to say, Forever 21 and find a whole bunch of  dresses for $25 each that will most likely fall apart, I went a different route and chose some really wonderfully made pieces I will be able to wear for years to come (a lot of the dresses in the photo above can also be seen here too). So, when it comes down to it I will never be a true minimalist (I love pretty, new things just like anyone else), but I am just trying to be super mindful with everything I add back into my closet.

7) Maintain.

Moving forward, the key is not to slide back into old habits. Although if you're anything like me, it will probably feel SO good to have everything so simplified and organized you may never go back. But continue to ask yourself the same questions you proposed when you were clearing out your closet. Think hard about each purchase. But at the same time, if something brings you joy, I say get long as there is a place in your closet for it. I have a running list in my phone of things I'm on the hunt for- right now I'm looking for the perfect pair of khaki hiking shorts and a new swim coverup. The list changes all of the time, but I find that if I keep something like this handy it assists me in staying organized in my shopping too.

So yay for spring cleaning, right?! It just feels so good to lighten the load, that I could inspire at least a few of you to tackle this too. Let me know if you decid to simplify also, and if you already have, feel free to share your experience or tips below!



  1. I kept checking back for your follow up to the first "simplifying" post. So happy it's up! We are moving from a tiny apartment to a condo with THREE closets! I am trying so hard to simplify before we move, but knowing I have all that room isn't helping. I am a "but it's on sale" kind of buyer. Even if I don't LOVE it on me, but I loved it on some girl on Pinterest, I buy it, convincing myself that I can make it work. I love this post and the thought of going through questions before I buy something. Thanks for all the great advice!

  2. I'm so happy this post is up! I've been thinking about simplifying as well for the last several months, but my thoughts are always that once I get rid of it, I'll wish I hadn't OR I feel guilty getting rid of things (clothing, but also stuff in general) if it was a gift. So it will be nice to (however slowly) change my mindset and be able to only keep things around that I really love (or that my husband loves).