Monday, April 25, 2016

Small Goals on a Monday

The past few weeks I've have this feeling like I've kind of been letting life happen to me, rather than the other way around. I'm sure you've been there too- we all have- but I'll find myself staying up too late mindlessly scrolling through social feeds, wasting time doing nothing...feeling unmotivated in general, which is a huge bummer. We all go through it, I know- and sometimes I think to myself- I don't have time for this! There is way too much to be done, and truly, I don't have time to not feel 100%.

So this morning I woke up and decided to get my act (back) together. I got up, made some breakfast, and wrote down some small goals for the week that will help optimize my day and my health.

1. Be in bed at 9pm every night, asleep by 9:30pm. 

This is the biggest one for me. I rarely get enough sleep and it totally begins to wear on me and show in every aspect of my life. Skin, mood, productivity levels, you name it. Recently Charlie has been waking up anywhere between 5-6am, and I've been going to sleep around 11:30pm. 5 hours of sleep or less for weeks on end has begun to take its toll. Maybe some people can handle that but I don't do too well with this amount of sleep, and I can feel it. So last night I began the process of switching my bedtime to earlier. My goal for this week is to be in bed by 9pm and hopefully asleep by 9:30. I'm so excited to do this all week and see how good I feel come next Monday.

2. Drink 3 of my 40oz Hydroflasks a day.

These water bottles are my FAVORITE and make drinking water a breeze. I usually aim to drink 3 per day on the regular, but with traveling that amount always varies. This week, I'm aiming to stick to the 3 per day goal, and I know from experience how good I will look and feel. Water is everything.

3. Manage my "free-time" in a more productive way.

I work from home full-time, so my days are pretty structured and very full of kids and work and running around. Most of the time I feel very on top of things and like I'm using my time wisely, but every once and awhile I'll begin to feel a little unmotivated and make poor decisions with my time. For instance, Charlie still naps for almost 2 hours in the afternoon, and most days I will use that time to blog here, reply to emails, etc. But soooome days I'll just zone out and watch two hours of Bravo television. Very fun but it's just way too much misuse of time. My regular working hours are outside of this time, so if I want to get anything done on my personal side (Sometimes Sweet, etc) it must be done here. It's important for me to write here and share, and when I don't I feel a little this week, I really want to focus on using HALF of that block of free time for this space. I'm going to utilize a timer method this week, and set it for one hour. You'll be able to see my progress if you see more posts here! ;)

So those are my small goals for the week. I have a TON more I could work on, but those are the things I'm focusing in on for now. How about you?


ps. See my dress from today's IG pic pointing to this blog post here.


  1. I hope you are able to meet your small goals. I especially like the 9 a.m. bedtime. Sleep is such a prized commodity for adults while kids think it is a chore. Good luck with your goals!

  2. We have some similar goals for this week! I've been getting up at 7AM to work out the last few weeks so I aim for a 10:30 bed time, but lately I have been terrible about it! I get so caught up in watching whatever tv series I'm in to (currently Girls - OBSESSED!) so I end up going to bed closer to midnight.

    I also want to up my water intake! I want to drink 100 oz a day.

    We can do it!!

  3. I feel SO much better when I drink more water. It really is everything!

  4. I really think it's so useful starting out with small goals - they're so much more manageable and give us the confidence to aim for bigger ones in the future! One big goal for me is getting more sleep too. I aim to switch the light off by 10:30 at the latest but it usually slips way past then!

  5. Borrowing your water goal because I have been slacking lately and it makes me feel terrible. Definitely need to get back into my *crazy* water habit as everyone called it. I was drinking about 86oz a day. It felt good!

  6. I love setting small goals for myself. I'm making a goal list for Summer and I'm really hoping to follow through on it. I've been eating TERRIBLY lately and my sleep schedule has been all over the place. I also try to take walks all the time, but I would like to work out more. As you said, it's really showing on my skin and mood. I saw on your Snapchat (I think) that you're doing the Sweat app... if I remember correctly (haha!) and I was wondering what you thought of it? I'd like to try it as well over the Summer, as I've heard a few good things about it.