Tuesday, May 24, 2016

An Early Birthday Weekend

I'm a week behind sharing this, but I have so many photos from my early birthday weekend I couldn't let it go by without posting something here. My actual birthday isn't until this upcoming weekend (May 29), but because it falls on Memorial Day weekend, Veronica threw me an early celebration. We did dinner at The Barley Hound, then out downtown dancing. It was the BEST night. The whole weekend felt celebratory actually- from the pool part at Brittany's to the 10K Saturday morning, Shirley, Sarah, and my sister being here...it was all such a treat.

Side note- I haven't been running as much as I was last year at this point, but the 10K went so well pushing Charlie in the stroller on that crazy hilly course that I'm feeling good about where I'm at in regards to the half-marathon we're running in August. It was also so fun to run it with Shirley again. We last did it two years ago, when her oldest was super small and I was pushing both of my boys in the double. I will say that pushing just one baby in a 10K is so much easier than two...two is crazy.

Oh, in the photos below you'll see two very special cakes- Drake Cakes! Have you seen this IG account? Both Sarah and Veronica had these cakes made without consulting each other and it was the funniest surprise to have two at the same time. So amazing!

Some outfit/item details too:

Double Bob/Single Bob Strollers
Henry's swim trunks
Brixton hat
Madewell straw tote
Lululemon capris (BEST ever)
Dolce Vita shoes



  1. How beautiful! I love all those moments you shared and the red top is so niceeee!!!



  2. Where did you get your dress? So cute!


  3. Happy Birthday ! OMG look at Henry, I can't believe how grown up he is. Both of your boys are too cute. I'm still loving your blog..keep posting.