Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Mother's Day Weekend- Our Stay at The Camby Hotel

This past weekend I kind of lived my Mother's Day dream. On Friday I got to spend the night away and sleep in a tiny little bit, and then the next two days were spent with my babies, soaking up a ton of family time with both sets of Grandmas. It was a great weekend, and one of the big highlights was our time spent at The Camby in Phoenix. The Camby graciously hosted us for an evening, and the whole time we were there I kept thinking of different friends who I knew would love it. That includes you, dear readers! If you find yourself in the Phoenix area this would be a great spot for a girls' weekend, date night away, or just a evening to recharge.

When we first entered the property I noticed the big, green topiary camel out front. The name "Camby" comes from the Camelback Mountains, that are a quintessential part of the area. The hotel's vibe touches on Arizona's Five Cs, which I of course I thought was so neat, being such a lover of all things Arizona. If you're curious, they are: cattle, copper, citrus, cotton, and climate. You can see these themes woven through the decor of the hotel.

One of the neatest things about The Camby is their attention to detail. I would describe the hotel as an upscale, boutique urban hotel that also is rooted in fun and whimsy. For instance, the chandeliers above your head by the elevator are beautiful, but upon closer inspection you may notice they actually say "chandelier." Each elevator has a different funny sign posted, like the one below, or the one I shared on Snapchat that said "Life is like an elevator. Sometimes you have to stop and let people off." I loved it. Everything warranted a double take, and I thought they did a great job of really infusing a ton of personality and care into every corner. And our room was no different- beautiful linens, a comfy bed...and a light up cow skull. Ha!

From the beautiful spa (seriously, I had no idea what to expect and it was so incredibly lovely) to the rooftop pool, Hank and I really enjoyed our stay there. We actually stayed right on property to enjoy dinner at Artizen and it was also fantastic. We did wine and beer, their charcuterie board, entrees, and a HUGE dessert plate from the chef. It was all next level, but the cotton candy fudge with cotton candy on top was the big surprise of the night for me. Really delicious!

One of the neatest things about blogging is getting to try out rad spots like this, and this was definitely one of the coolest places we've gotten a chance to check out recently. The tour Nancy (director of sales and marketing) gave us was so neat as well- the background of the hotel is fascinating, especially being such a brand new place. We will definitely be back, and truly- I can't recommend it enough! And if you do decide to book a room at The Camby, please let me know how your visit goes. Right now they're also offering a really amazing summer special too that is definitely worth checking out. Enjoy.

Outfit details:

Striped Dress
Gigi Pip hat (c/o)
Travel bag (c/o)
White dress
Tan wedges
Clutch (c/o)


  1. It looks gorgeous! Love all the fun details...and that dessert...yum. :O

    1. Thanks for reading, Lovisa! :) And it was SO delicious! <3

  2. Dani, which Birdling bag do you have? I'm on the hunt for something that would be good for a few nights away, and remembered you posting about these before. Not sure which would be better: the Weekender or the Overnight bag. I'm definitely an over-packer, so extra room is good, but I do want to consider it carefully due the price. They're so cute though! I'd love to hear your thoughts. :)

    1. Hey Chrissie! So I have the overnight bag and it's the perfect size. I bring it everywhere! The other one is a little too big for my taste! I hope this helps. :)


    2. Thanks so much, I appreciate it!

  3. Love this hotel! Especially that cactus print!
    The Pepper Express

    1. Me too! I need to find out the artist. :)

      Thank you for reading! <3

  4. Your hair looks soo good blonde!