Thursday, June 2, 2016

A Mama-to-Be Morning in NY

I have SO many photos to share from my quick visit to NYC. I thought I would start with the photos my dear friend Morgan Pansing snapped first, and then tomorrow share the rest I took over the weekend. Side note- Morgan is insanely talented and if you're in California, look her up! She takes the most beautiful family portraits and is the biggest pleasure to work with. 

So all of these photos come from an event Ergobaby put on in our Mama-to-Be Morning series. I shared many more details about the actual event over on the Ergo blog too, if you're curious. Since it's a series of events, the last one was in LA, and the next one is in Utah next weekend. Tickets are still available, and I'd love to meet you! 

The whole day was awesome and a really special time. When I share the rest of my photos I'll talk more details that went into this day, but in the meantime- here you go!


My outfit details:



  1. Omg bunch of pretty kids! That little girl with a bun and converse <3
    I'll be waiting for your next post about this event story.


  2. This gathering is chic af! :D

  3. SO pretty! loved following your snaps this day :) such a fun party! wish i could have been!

  4. Look at all of these super chic mamas! It makes me excited to be a mom one day, and still look so good like these women :)

  5. I have a Boba 4G and we love baby wearing - although it's now toddler wearing as my boy is 2 in July - I knew I wanted to try baby wearing when I was pregnant but didn't know I would love it (and he would love it) quite this much!


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