Tuesday, July 5, 2016

4th of July 2016, Part 1

Yes...you read that right- this is part 1 of my 4th of July posts for this year. I tried to do just one but I have so many photos that it seemed overwhelming for one post. So two it is! This first one can be considered the parade edition, including the annual Kiddie Parade (Prescott's 75th annual this year!) and our 4th of July parade, which was held on Saturday. There are SO many photos...but just imagine if I tried to squeeze in the actual 4th of July too. Not happening!

Anyway, the 4th of July is my absolute favorite weekend in Prescott. Although as soon as I typed that I realize that I say that about so many weekends- Halloween, Christmas, etc! So ONE of my favorite weekends is probably more fitting! It was such a great one though- so full of so much happiness and fun, and celebrating our great country with our favorite people.

The first event of the weekend was the Kiddie Parade. We do this every year, and it's always a really fun time to get out with all of the kids and be a part of the community. There's a whole range of things happening that morning- some people go all out and create the most amazing floats, others decorate a little bit, and some just throw on some red, white and blue and call it a day. As the years have gone on we've gotten more and more casual about it, and this year the boys just wore slightly patriotic tees and scootered their way down to the Courthouse along with all of our friends. The parade starts on Cortez St., right in front my father-in-law's place actually, and ends with ice creams sandwiches for all of the kids on the square. It's always one of those mornings my heart gets so full of love for this little town and the people here. I love it.

The next morning was the big 4th of July parade, even though this year it fell on July 2nd! Every year my father-in-law has a big party at his downtown location and it's a great time. The kids are able to watch inside the fence or stand on the planter/sit on the chairs out front. It's the best spot with lots of shade and comfy places to sit! It was a really fun time- a whole 2.5 hour long parade- and all of the kids had a great morning. Hot dogs, lemonade, good friends, all sorts of trucks in the parade...the boys were in heaven!

I'll be back tomorrow with a few more 4th festivities in part two...then onto my Switzerland posts! Can't wait.

ps. I shot all of these pictures with my new camera, and I can't recommend it enough. See it here. You can also check out the boys scooters here: Henry's and Charlie's.


  1. Adorable! Such a fun tradition.

  2. Too funny....APS must have shipped the inflatable Uncle Sam and bald eagle up to Flagstaff for our parade, as they also made an appearance here!

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