Thursday, July 7, 2016

4th of July 2016, Part 2

If you missed part one, see it here! It's crazy how quickly this weekend went by. We arrived home from Switzerland on Tuesday, and suddenly it was rodeo time and the busy weekend was upon us! I started off the festivities on Thursday with Veronica- we had a friend date to the rodeo and it was such a great time. The rest of the holiday flew by, with two parades, a rodeo dance, and a big 4th of July party at Brittany and Andrew's. The rodeo dance is one of my favorite things ever, and it was so fun to put on cowboy boots and dance the night away with my sister and friends. There's a live country band, enough whiskey to float away in, and it's always a fun (and funny!), wild time.

Sunday night the Dads took the big kids camping, so Charlie and I hung out at home together. He went to bed at 6pm (!) so I had a long night to myself! I ended up starting the new season of Orange is the New Black which has been blowing my mind ever since- I'm about halfway through. It's so intense! The weekend ended with fireworks in the back of Hank's Dad's downtown location, after the party at Britt's. They moved the fireworks back to town this year, and the office was THE perfect viewing spot. We're already planning next year's party there. ;)

I love looking back at these photos- and I'm happy to have them here documented for years to come. Yay Prescott, yay America...yay for great family and friends! Thanks for reading. :)

Also- I got a few questions on some of the outfit details in the last post, so here you go:

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