Monday, July 11, 2016

Coding with the Code-a-pillar

The other day Hank and I were trying to reorganize the playroom, and we realized that we have no idea how we've accumulated so many toy cars, when neither of us have any recollection of even buying more than a few of them. That's what happens though when you have holidays and birthdays and three sets of grandparents...and why last year we asked friends to just bring themselves to Henry's birthday party, no gifts necessary. We try to keep our lives very clutter-free, but for the longest time toys were the big source of disorganization in our home and it would drive me crazy. Now we take the "less is more" approach in all things, but especially with toys. The boys know that if someone gives them something new, they must donate something old to make room for it. We're very picky with what we bring into the playroom, and this has worked wonders for the amount of toys in our home.

I've worked with Fisher-Price many times in the past, and when they reached out about a soon-to-be-released toy they wanted to send us, I'll admit I initially was going to say no. Another toy? No thank you. But I did some research and saw how cool it was, and decided we would give it a whirl. The boys ended up getting rid of two remote control cars to make room for it. ;)

So enter this bright, shiny new toy from Fisher-Price- the Code-a-pillar- which after my bit of research I learned that it was all the rage at the tech and toy fairs this past year. A few things I initially loved- I'm super into the fact that although it's a "fun" toy, it's also a total learning tool. The Code-a-pillar teaches kids to code, practice sequence, and work on problem-solving. I also love that they don't realize it's an educational toy- to them they're just planning out the toy's moves and having a blast watching it go. It's very easy to use and the boys spent hours with it the first time we opened it, rearranging the pieces to see all of the combinations the Code-a-pillar would travel.

Quality over quantity is something we try to follow in all aspects of our life, and this toy definitely fits into that in our home and our playroom. Both of the boys truly love playing with this great toy/tool, and it's definitely earned its place on the shelf. If you're looking for a fun, new toy the kids will love, check it out!

This post was shared in partnership with Fisher-Price. Thanks for reading!

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  1. How cool! I wish I had some friends with littles so I could gift this (although my go to gift tends to be books or art supplies, two things I firmly believe there can never be enough of in a kid's life).