Sunday, July 31, 2016

Switzerland 2016: Hiking from Grindelwald to Wengen

If you're catching up late and want to see all of my Switzerland posts in one place you can see them here. You can find all the info in my first post, but we did a self-guided tour with Alpine Hikers, and today I'm sharing our hike from Grindelwald to Wengen. On a related note- all of my photos and videos from this trip were taken with this camera and I can't recommend it enough. I'll share a post all about our hiking gear at the end of this series as well.

We arrived in Grindelwald after hiking 11 miles, with 2,750 feet gained, then 2,340 feet back down, so we were so excited to see the very cute Chalet Hotel Gletschergarten rise up in front of us as we walked into town. The views from our room were beautiful (which turned out being the norm for this entire trip), and we were served dinner as part of our half-board upon arriving. The meal was great- but the real star was the dessert! The apricot tart we had was so excellent, I could have had seconds and thirds. Like many of the places we stayed, the Chalet Hotel Gletschergarten is a family-owned and run inn and it showed. There was so much care put into the details, and Hank and I enjoyed checking out all of the pieces of history hanging on the walls, in glass cases, and basically everywhere you looked. It was a charming place, for sure.

We got a good night's rest in those darn comfy Switzerland bed- they love a hard bed just like we love- and woke up ready to go. We stopped by a little local shop and I picked up what we ended up calling "the ugly hat," (although it was so great at blocking the sun!) and we were on our way. Our inn was about a 10 minute walk from the train station, so we headed over and took the train to Alpiglen. From our stop in Alpiglen, we met up with the trail and some gorgeous views of the Eiger. We passed by hundreds of cows, beautiful fields of wildflowers, and stopped to take a drink whenever there was running water. We stopped in Kleine Scheidegg for lunch and people watched for awhile. There were many tour groups getting on and off the trains there, eating in the cliff-side restaurants, and shopping in the little shops. I ended up finally finding a really great green salad, and Hank got some sort of meat plate.

We continued on our way downhill, and stopped a couple of times to just enjoy the beautiful views and mountain air. At this point in our trip I could have ended it and felt completely satisfied with what we had seen and done so far, but I would have had no idea that the very best was still to come! Next up: Wengen to Obersteinberg, and our time in that beautiful, remote of my favorite parts of the trip.

First though, are photos from our hike to Wengen. Enjoy!


  1. Just LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! The photos are amazing and you had THE BEST WEATHER!! The Alpiglen - Wengen hike is so wonderful. I just love seeing this through your eyes. YAY!!!! xooxxo

  2. Pretty! so many cows. Loving your Swiss photos, definitely adding some of these places to our next visit!

  3. Spectacular! I love these posts and am wishing hard I can do a similar trip someday!

  4. wow- it is just absolutely gorgeous there!!!!!